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Microsoft Outlook 2007 Beta 1 Offline SharePoint Eval – Part 3

The same caveats apply to this post as the last ones on this subject.

I’ve already discussed how offline SharePoint doc libraries work in Outlook 2007 Beta 1. In this entry, I will deal specifically with the other supported list types and conclude with a look at how Outlook 2007 will treat synchronization conflicts. I will make one more post after this (in about a week) and do a wrap up of my overall impressions of offline SharePoint support in Outlook 2007 Beta 1.

Editing and Syncing Other Lists in Outlook 2007 Beta 1

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When On-line doesn’t work…

This is more Barry’s area of discussion, but I was reading Dustin’s Tech Notes this morning and it really struck a nerve.

You may find it funny that in our “wired world” I have two posts in 1 day related to experiencing online applications, offline. Call me old school or just plain lazy but sometimes I don’t want to open my VPN Client and remote into work to edit a document. And course almost everyone has experienced free high speed internet service that performs like dial-up. Hotels will remain nameless here. The whole “take it with you” concept has become a standard for technologies like email and now even collaboration (See Colligo Post). Well why shouldn’t the same idea apply to blogs and other RSS feeds?

Read the rest of the post, Reading Blog’s Offline.

The last two Business trips I was on, in both cases my hotel’s high speed connections were not working. As Dustin mentions these days you can take a lot off line, it’s that last 20% of items, like getting and sending new emails and your RSS feeds that makes it so very frustrating….

Cheers, Tony
Anthony A. van Houten
Senior Consultant, Applications
Colligo networks, Inc

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Colligo for SharePoint – Beta 2 Comments

Some very nice comments today from Dustin Hannifin on his TechNotes Blog:

Colligo for Sharepoint Beta 2
9th March 2006

Colligo appears to be on track to deliver this top notch product early next month. If you’re looking for the ability to take your Sharepoint documents with you on the road Colligo for Sharepoint looks like a real winner.

Read the full review here.

Thanks Dustin.

Cheers, Tony
Anthony A. van Houten
Senior Consultant, Applications
Colligo networks, Inc

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Microsoft Outlook 2007 Beta 1 Offline SharePoint Eval – Part 2

The same caveats apply to this post as the last one on this subject.

This time I’m going to delve deeper into the offline SharePoint features of Outlook 2007 Beta 1 from the point of view of the user experience. This entry will deal with SharePoint document library behavior in Outlook.

Working with offline SharePoint Document Libraries in Outlook 2007 Beta 1

SharePoint V3 server offline sync of doc libraries is initiated from within the SharePoint site itself. I couldn’t find a way to initiate this first sync from within Outlook. Once the user has selected the library to download, the standard Outlook send/receive dialog appears and shows the progress of the sync.

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Colligo for SharePoint – Beta 2 Update

We’re about two weeks into the Beta 2 of Colligo for SharePoint and I have to say it is going very well. The numbers of people signing up has been quite remarkable. Even in such a short time, we have literally doubled the numbers of truely active testers and are already getting back some great feedback.

There have been quite a few people who have picked up on the Beta 2 and have helped get the word out there ….
Romeo Pruno wrote
Bil Simarwrote
And looking at the maps a couple of fellow Dutchmen…
Mart Mullerwrote

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Microsoft Outlook 2007 Beta 1 Offline SharePoint Eval – Part 1

Recently Microsoft started to allow beta testers to publicly blog about the features of most of the Office 2007 client applications. Several of these products can take SharePoint content offline, so I thought I’d discuss them here, starting with Microsoft Outlook 2007.

First, the caveats: I’m the co-founder of Colligo, a company focused on supporting the collaboration needs of mobile teams. We are about to release an offline SharePoint product, so while I will try to be unbiased, I am not a disinterested third party. I will be looking at the integration of Microsoft Outlook 2007 Beta 1 with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services V3 Beta 1. The capabilities of these products could change significantly prior to release by Microsoft and since the documentation is understandably thin at this point, I may not completely understand how all the products function yet.

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SharePoint Introduction for Developers

SDA Asia Magazine has a lengthy intro article for SharePoint developers. They go over the basics like Infrastructure and Architecture, Web Parts, and The Collaboration Engine.

Pretty basic stuff for experienced developers, but it’s a great guide for anyone looking to answer the “Where do I start with SharePoint?” question.

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Nick Swan Marries RSS & SharePoint

Nick’s got a new little RSS webpart for SharePoint.

Using the Newsgator API, he’s built a blog reader that grabs your RSS feeds in Newsgator and gives them to you in your team site. Quite desirable as RSS feeds keep growing and RSS adoption is following accordingly.

Unfortunately I can’t test it because I’m a Bloglines user. (Hey Nick, any chance you’ll be building SharePointLines with the Bloglines API?)

Anyways, I’ll hold off on any feature requests until he gets v1.0 up and running 🙂

If you’re a Newgator user, go give SharePointGator a spin!

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Using SyncToy to take SharePoint docs offline

Found a very cool post from Chris Johnson about how you can use Microsoft’s free SyncToy to sync files on your laptop with those in a SharePoint folder. I’ve tried it and think it works pretty well for a single user that wants to access and modify files on a site or subsite that they have exclusive access to.

If you are planning to access a shared site (i.e. one to which other users contribute) this is not recommended, however. SyncToy is not able to resolve conflicting changes made on your laptop with those made on the SharePoint server. Even if you choose “synchronize”, changes on the “right” folder overwrite those on the “left”. Also, other SharePoint features (such as custom lists, issues, events or metadata), do not work and it doesn’t support metadata or views.

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Upcoming Features In WSS 3.0

Dustin Miller has a killer roundup of the features in the upcoming WSS 3.0.

Some highlights from the list:

  • Offline capabilities using Outlook and Groove
  • Use of SharePoint sites for email archiving
  • Users can participate in workflow from wherever they are editing – via SharePoint, Outlook, or the document itself. Workflows can be initiated from SharePoint or the document.
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