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Interesting Numbers On Mobility In Europe

During a Dell mobility conference in Europe last month, IDC put out some statistics about the mobile workforce in Europe:

“Mobility is an inevitable trend,” says Brown. “Currently, nearly 40% of the European workforce is mobile and this number will only increase. Although employers still seem a bit uncomfortable with this growth, the fact is their companies are expanding and becoming more global, therefore, the demands they have on employees are increasing. Working lives and private lives are changing and the boundaries are blurring.”

That’s a real, live trend folks, if I’ve ever seen one. Of course this is great news for the hardware manufacturers (the Dells, Toshibas, and RIMs of the world) that make the gadgets that power the mobile warriors. But digging a bit deeper, there’s clearly something brewing here for software providers that are supporting the mobile workforce.

I bet that the number of European workers who were truely mobile 10 years ago was probably

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Colligo for SharePoint – Beta 3 Update

Today we released the Beta 3 for Colligo Contributor and Colligo Reader.

Last week, while I was at the MSD2D SharePoint Connection Conference in Orlando Florida, we officially announce the Free Colligo Reader product, so you may already have heard about that. More about the conference in a later post, suffice it to say it was well worth the trip.

Major changes in Beta 3 include:

  • Ability to selectively synchronize specific folders *within*
    a document library
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Gadgets That Make ‘Offline’ Fun

Some things really make ‘going offline’ fun and practical. Software aside, there is some pretty neat hardware out there that is solving some offline mobility problems (how can I travel and listen to music? how can I still do email when I’m not connected? how do I store more on my mobile device?).

I go everywhere with my iPod and my tunes come a long with me. But I don’t think the iPod would be as wonderful as it is if it connected wirelessly to iTunes to download tracks.

Some Podcasts that I listen to [quick plug for the SharePoint Show podcast] are upwards of 40mb+. I can’t imagine downloading something like that over a mobile network or even a choppy wifi connection in the city.

iPod just ‘gets it’ and has perfected an offline player that syncs up when the user has access to a solid network connection.

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Microsoft Groove 2007 Beta 1 Offline SharePoint Eval – Part 1

In March of 2005, Microsoft announced that it was acquiring Groove Networks. Groove is an interesting peer-to-peer collaboration tool that has many of the same functions as SharePoint, which is a portal-based solution. So it begs the question “How does Groove fit into Microsoft’s SharePoint strategy?” At the time of the acquisition, Ray Ozzie, Groove’s founder and now Microsoft Chief Technical Officer said:

“Distributed teams can use Groove to create ad-hoc workspaces that reside on team members’ PCs and later have the documents, plans and other workspace content published to a managed SharePoint Web Portal.”

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Colligo in Mexico

Many thanks to Microsoft MVP Mr. Luis Du Solier G. from Mexico City for his mention of Colligo for SharePoint in his “Passion for Collaboration” blog. Luis works at the IT Department of one of the top business schools in Latin America, manages two user groups and is a Colligo for SharePoint beta tester.


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Bill Gates Productivity Tip: Use SharePoint

CNN Money snagged Bill Gates for a feature called “How I Work.”

It’s a fantastic read to see how one of the world’s busiest executives manages his time. Gates also uses SharePoint to stay productive:

Staying focused is one issue; that’s the problem of information overload. The other problem is information underload. Being flooded with information doesn’t mean we have the right information or that we’re in touch with the right people.

I deal with this by using SharePoint, a tool that creates websites for collaboration on specific projects.

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Many Thanks to Our Friends

We’d like to thank some fellow bloggers from around the world for helping us spread the word.

Dustin Hannifin from South Bend, IN, actually agreed to let us quote in our press release his review of our product from his blog, Dustin’s tech Notes. Thanks for all the help, Dustin!

New-Zealand based Michael Sampson helped us out by writing about the launch in his Shared Spaces blog. Michael has a very impressive background in collaboration and messaging.

Romeo Pruno mentioned us in his blog which is written mostly in Italian. He’s posted the statistics for visitors to his blog. Not surprising that 62% are from Italy. Grazie, Romeo.


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Well, we launched the Colligo for Sharepoint product family today at the SharePoint Connections conference in Orlando. It was a lot of work on the part of the dev team over the past year and then the marketing team bringing up the rear for the last couple of months. Congrats to Nick and his team for getting this fantastic new product out on time. And many thanks to Brent, Kelly, Asa, Tony and Rex for all the marketing materials and new website.

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Microsoft Outlook 2007 Beta 1 Offline SharePoint Eval – Part 4

I’ve been away for awhile in sunny Mexico and then, upon my return, promptly got sick. Anyway, I’m back in the saddle again, and ready to post this, my last, item on Outlook 2007 Beta 1’s offline SharePoint capabilities. The same caveats apply to this post as the last ones on this subject.

First, a quick review of the features in Outlook 2007 and SharePoint 2007 (AKA SharePoint v3) for taking SharePoint content offline that I posted here: part 1, part 2 and part 3.

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The (Un)Connected Traveler

The current issue of PC Mag is running a big story titled The Well Connected Traveler. They cover all the gadgetry that you’ll ever need to take with you on the road.

But it’s not all about the hardware. More business people rely on being connected to be productive with their work. Emails need to be checked, WSS team sites need to be accessed, and general research needs to be done.

It feels like PC Mag painted an overly rosy picture of what business travel is really like (and maybe that’s what sells magazines for them). They compile a list of:

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