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Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

I’m in Boston this week at the Worldwide partner conference. Lots of people here – the conference is jammed. There was an accident in one of the tunnels last night – apparently part of the roof fell on a car – so everything is delayed.

Of course everyone at Microsoft is charged up. I just sat through a gold partner luncheon talk with Chris Caposella. Nice to see Microsoft putting so much emphasis on SharePoint.

I just noticed a mention about our offline SharePoint products on a Olaf’s blog (in German). Thanks Olaf!

I’ll post again if anything interesting comes up.


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Groove 2007 Offline SharePoint Feature Review – Summary

Back in April we started to look at the upcoming capabilities in Groove 2007 for taking SharePoint offline. We posted a second time on the feature walkthrough of beta 2 in early June and then completed the walkthrough later in the month. This is the final post, and summary, in the series on taking SharePoint offline with Groove 2007.

Please bear in mind that I am the founder of Colligo Networks, a company engaged in developing offline collaboration software tools, so I am not a disinterested third party.

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Collaborative Technologies Conference 2006

Next week on Wednesday and Thursday, I have the pleasure of attending the Collaborative Technologies Conference in Boston. The program looks pretty interesting.

Michael Sampson of Foldera invited me to join a couple of panel sessions. One, entitled “Collaborative Workspaces: A Raft of Tools” is being moderated by Lars Plougmann. The others on the panel are Oracle, IBM, Foldera and Vignette. It’s from 2:30pm – 3:30pm on Wednesday.

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Microsoft Groove 2007 Beta 2 Offline SharePoint Feature Evaluation – Part 2

This is the second post on my eval of Groove 2007 as an offline solution for SharePoint. The same caveats apply as part 1 of my review of Groove 2007 Beta 2.

Manipulating files offline with the Groove 2007 SharePoint files tool

The Groove files tool has an easy to use interface. Right clicking on a file revealed a number of functions I could perform such as opening the file, checking it into and out of the server, editing it, saving it to the local hard drive, viewing properties etc. Files can be dragged and dropped to and from the desktop to the tool. The “Add Files” button enabled me to select files from the local file system and add them to the library, while “Save Files” is used to select files in the tool and save them to the local file system. When adding files to a library offline there is no way to fill in the metadata associated with a file and there appears to be no way to edit it using the properties dialog.

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Microsoft Groove 2007 Beta 2 Offline SharePoint Feature Evaluation – Part 1

Back in April I posted about the conflicting information on the web discussing the features in Groove 2007 for taking SharePoint offline. My intention was to post shortly afterward about my experiences with testing beta 1 of Groove 2007 to determine what was actually going to be released. In the interim, however, Microsoft released beta 2, so it makes sense to review the later version. As I stated before, the key question I am asking is: “Is Groove an offline client for SharePoint, meaning that it takes SharePoint site structure offline, or is it just for taking Sharepoint files offline and sharing them in a Groove workspace?”

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We’re Back!

OK, we just broke the cardinal rule of blogs. We haven’t posted anything for weeks. Between the launch of Colligo Contributor and Colligo Reader and travel, well … you get the drift. Anyway, undaunted, we will resume posting again now that we’ve got a bit more time.

First up, our little blog was covered in a Canadian National Magazine called Backbone. Nice piece on Web2.0 and the power of blogs in a business context.

There’ve been some good articles on our offline SharePoint products. We thought John Fontana of Network World did a nice job in this article entitled “Colligo Builds Offline Client for SharePoint”. I was particularly pleased to see this quote from Gartner analyst, David Smith, on the need for offline support of SharePoint:

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Colligo Contributor 1.0 and Colligo Reader 1.0 Released!

It’s official! Yes, they’re finally here Colligo Contributor 1.0 and Colligo Reader 1.0. We are very proud to announce their launch, Friday April 28, 2006. Thanks to the great work by the Colligo development team and the input and assistance of more the 300 beta testers it’s finally here. The last few weeks have been BUSY and now that we have 1.0 we can start working on the next release. The cycle never ends, but that’s the fun of software development. So past the hurdle and off to the next leg of the race….

On behalf of the Dev. team and myself, I would like to especially thank all the beta testers, a fantastic group of insightful, precise and articulate people. Thank you.

To get the Free Colligo Reader 1.0 go HERE.

To find out more about Colligo for SharePoint line of products go HERE.

Cheers, Tony
Anthony A. van Houten
Senior Consultant, Applications
Colligo networks, Inc

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Interesting Numbers On Mobility In Europe

During a Dell mobility conference in Europe last month, IDC put out some statistics about the mobile workforce in Europe:

“Mobility is an inevitable trend,” says Brown. “Currently, nearly 40% of the European workforce is mobile and this number will only increase. Although employers still seem a bit uncomfortable with this growth, the fact is their companies are expanding and becoming more global, therefore, the demands they have on employees are increasing. Working lives and private lives are changing and the boundaries are blurring.”

That’s a real, live trend folks, if I’ve ever seen one. Of course this is great news for the hardware manufacturers (the Dells, Toshibas, and RIMs of the world) that make the gadgets that power the mobile warriors. But digging a bit deeper, there’s clearly something brewing here for software providers that are supporting the mobile workforce.

I bet that the number of European workers who were truely mobile 10 years ago was probably

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Colligo for SharePoint – Beta 3 Update

Today we released the Beta 3 for Colligo Contributor and Colligo Reader.

Last week, while I was at the MSD2D SharePoint Connection Conference in Orlando Florida, we officially announce the Free Colligo Reader product, so you may already have heard about that. More about the conference in a later post, suffice it to say it was well worth the trip.

Major changes in Beta 3 include:

  • Ability to selectively synchronize specific folders *within*
    a document library
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Gadgets That Make ‘Offline’ Fun

Some things really make ‘going offline’ fun and practical. Software aside, there is some pretty neat hardware out there that is solving some offline mobility problems (how can I travel and listen to music? how can I still do email when I’m not connected? how do I store more on my mobile device?).

I go everywhere with my iPod and my tunes come a long with me. But I don’t think the iPod would be as wonderful as it is if it connected wirelessly to iTunes to download tracks.

Some Podcasts that I listen to [quick plug for the SharePoint Show podcast] are upwards of 40mb+. I can’t imagine downloading something like that over a mobile network or even a choppy wifi connection in the city.

iPod just ‘gets it’ and has perfected an offline player that syncs up when the user has access to a solid network connection.

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