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Small Business Server MVPs Recognize Colligo for SharePoint

Bradley, the SBS (Small Business Server) “Diva” and MVP posted about Colligo for SharePoint in her blog. Apparently, she had heard about our products from Wayne Small of sbsfaq. Thanks to Wayne and Bradley for the mention.

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Google Apps vs. Microsoft

I just read a post by <a href="" target="_blank">Alison Murdock</a> on the <a href="" target="_blank">Under the Radar blog</a>. Google's entry into the application software world is very interesting. However, as Alison points out, there's a big problem with applications that only work on the web – they can't be used when you are disconnected.

My experience is that most people just don't think of this. Unless, of course, they are mobile workers like accountants, consultants, sales people, project managers etc. etc. They are the ones that suffer when a new web application is installed in a company and no one thought about the offline scenarios. Of course, making applications work on and off the web is our business, so I'm keenly aware of this issue. And so are the hundreds of organizations that have purchased offline collaborations tools.

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Whitepaper on Choosing a Solution to Take SharePoint Offline

We’ve just published a whitepaper, called “Choosing the right offline SharePoint solution”. It looks at a couple of examples of different types of sites and outlines some of the factors that should be considered when developing a solution to take those sites offline. May be useful for getting some of the issues on the table during an evaluation of the alternatives.


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Launch of Collaboration Success Advisors

Michael Sampson just announced the launch of his new business, Collaboration Success Advisors, Ltd. We first got to know Michael when he invited us to speak at the Collaborative Technologies Conference last year (now called Enterprise 2.0). Best of luck to you, Michael!

Oh, and by the way, many thanks for the mention of the launch of Colligo for SharePoint 2.0 in your blog!


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Beautiful End to a Busy Week

Couldn’t stop myself from posting this photo of the view from our office here on Granville Island. If you are ever in Vancouver, come on down and enjoy it with us.

Wow, it’s an overwhelming week. Let’s see what next week brings…


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How to Request a Trial of Colligo Contributor 2.0 or Download Reader 2.0

We sent out an email announcing version 2.0 today through MSD2D. A great group of people to work with, by the way.

If you are interested in requesting a trial of Version 2.0, downloading Reader, viewing a screencast or whitepaper, visit this page to learn more about the products.


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A Convenient Way to Store and Share Outlook Emails in SharePoint

As you may have noticed, Colligo Contributor 2.0 supports drag and drop of Outlook emails directly into SharePoint document libraries. This is a pretty cool feature because it means you can now use SharePoint instead of Exchange Server public folders to store project emails.

Here’s a little description of the problem and solution:

As an email sharing and collaboration solution, SharePoint document libraries offer many advantages over Exchange Server public folders, including ease of administration, ease of access, search, and content organization. Yet a number of mission critical requirements must be considered before integrating SharePoint with Microsoft Outlook email, such as:

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V2.0 of Colligo Contributor and Colligo Reader for SharePoint Released Today

I’ve been very remiss in not posting for the last couple of months. We have been crazy busy getting the next release of Colligo for SharePoint out the door.

Well, I’m pleased to report that today, the team released Version 2.0. The press release went on the wire this morning. So far the reaction has been very positive. Our friend, SharePoint MVP Dustin Miller of SharePoint Experts, called Contributor 2.0 a “killer productivity boost”. The 451 Group wrote a very flattering piece. Thanks to Tony Rizzo for that. We like you guys, too!

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Version 1.9 Released

New versions of Colligo Reader and Colligo Contributor have just been released. Colligo Reader, a free product for viewing SharePoint content offline, can be <a href="/products/contributor/">downloaded now</a>. Colligo Contributor is available for purchase from the <a href="/store/">Webstore</a>.

Reader Version 1.9 has a bunch of new features, including:
<li>Enhanced Synchronization Experience :</li>
<li>Background sync on startup and configurable intervals</li>
<li>Internet Explorer button for site sync selection</li>
<li>Drag &amp; drop browser URL to launch site sync</li>
<li>Systray icon with sync status and stop sync option</li>

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Partnership with Apptix

As Michael Sampson mentioned recently in a post on his Michael’s Thoughts blog, Colligo recently announced a partnership with Apptix. If you don’t know Apptix, they are a successful hosting provider that offers “managed messaging and collaboration solutions for small and medium businesses, serving more than 130,000 end users.” They have marketed their SharePoint hosting through and have provided an introduction to SharePoint to many early adopters over the years with their offers of 30 day free trials.

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