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Colligo Truth #1: Colligo Contributor Add-In for Outlook improves the adoption of SharePoint and quality of metadata

As Joel Oleson mentioned in his last post, it is really important to make an email management solution attractive to end users (to ensure it gets used), while providing a mechanism to set metadata (for search) and content type (for retention).

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Answers to Webinar Questions about Colligo Products

Well, our recent webinar, "<a href="/resources/webinars/">The Myths &amp; Truths of Email Management with SharePoint</a>.", with Joel Oleson, was a resounding success with almost 2100 registants. <a href="">As Joel pointed out on his blog</a>, this was the "Largest Global SharePoint Webinar/Webcast Ever!".

There were so many questions from the attendees that we couldn't get them answered during the allotted time. Joel was kind enough to <a href="">post the answers on his blog to the questions directed to him</a>. He also <a href="">posted a series of podcasts</a> on the material he presented during the webinar.

I pulled out the Colligo questions and I'm going to answer them here. Please let me know what you thought of the webinar. If you are interested in hearing a replay, you can get it <a href="/resources/webinars/" target="_blank">here</a>.

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Myth #1: Mailbox folders are a great place to store and organize emails and attachments

This is the second post in a guest series I’m doing here on Email Management in SharePoint. The first post was an introduction.

It’s very common for people to think, “I need access to an important document so I’ll email it to myself and then I’ll have it offline in my PST folder.” While this may provide value to a single user, it conflicts with the goals of enterprises that are trying to make content reusable. When important files are stored on individual user desktops or laptops in personal PST files, the information becomes an island that no one else can access.

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Myths and Truths of Email Management in SharePoint – Introduction

As Barry mentioned, I’ve agreed to do a series of posts on Email Management in SharePoint right here on over the next couple of weeks. I encourage your feedback here or on my blog, sharepointjoel. Feel free to comment or ask questions on the material I’m going to post.

So let’s get started.

With the growing demands for compliance, doing more with less, and information reuse, CIOs, Information Architects, and System Administrators have an overwhelming number of technology choices and strategies to consider when designing a solution to manage and share their information assets. I’m sure we would all agree that emails and attachments form a large part of those assets. Today, users must sort through thousands of emails to find the critical ones while being pressed to make decisions immediately. It’s difficult to find, categorize, and sort content to stay efficient, so data gets lost, and more and more time is spent searching for information.

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Guest Blogger: Joel Oleson

You may be aware that we just held a very successful Webinar, “The Myths & Truths of Email Management with SharePoint.”, with Joel Oleson. Joel is a well known Microsoft SharePoint Architect, consultant and speaker. He has a popular blog on SharePoint as well, appropriately called SharePointJoel.

Well, we’re pleased that Joel has agreed to do some guest blogging right here on OfflineSharePoint. Over the next few weeks, he will post a series based on the webinar. He’ll dispel the myths and reveal the truths about email management in SharePoint for you right here.

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Genèse Castonguay Wins Stevie Award For Women in Business

We were so happy to hear that our VP Marketing, Genèse Castonguay, took a Stevie at the gala award ceremony in New York on November 14th. The official award is “Best Canadian Executive”. She was up against a field of very accomplished executives, including a couple from companies that we personally know and respect a lot: Virginia Balcom of Strangeloop Networks and Nancy Knowlton of Smart Technologies. We are so proud of Genèse and all she accomplished in her 2-1/2 years at Colligo.

You can read more about Genèse’s award here.

Way to go, Genèse.

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Colligo Contributor Provides Users of New SharePoint Online Service with Offline Access to Content

Contributor Software Fully Supports Microsoft SharePoint Online & Exchange Online Vancouver, BC, November 18, 2008 – Colligo Networks Inc., a leader in desktop collaboration solutions, today announced that its Colligo Contributor desktop software product line for Microsoft® Office SharePoint® fully supports the newly released Microsoft® Exchange® Online and Microsoft® SharePoint® Online services. In a press release …

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Colligo Networks’ Genèse Castonguay Wins Prestigious Stevie® Award For Women in Business

International Award Recognizes Genèse For Significant Contributions to Colligo’s Success Vancouver, BC, November 18, 2008 – Colligo Networks Inc., a leader in desktop collaboration solutions, today announced Genèse Castonguay, Vice President of Marketing was selected the winner in the Best Canadian Executive category in the 5th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business. The 2008 Stevie …

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Top Law Firm Deploys Colligo Contributor to Drive Adoption of SharePoint for Email and Document Management

Top 5 Israel-based Firm Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co Improves Efficiency, Access, ‘Findability’, and Collaboration Vancouver, BC, November 10, 2008 – Colligo Networks Inc., a leader in desktop collaboration solutions, today announced that the law firm of Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co. (FBC) has deployed the Colligo Contributor Add-In to their legal, …

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Upcoming Webinar: The Myths & Truths of Email Management with SharePoint

Join our good friend and guest speaker Joel Oleson, Microsoft SharePoint Architect, as he dispels the myths and reveals the truths about email management in SharePoiny

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