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Save Emails to SharePoint from Outlook – See How in 5-min Colligo Video

The moment a person opens an email or attachment, that’s when there’s highest probability to capture and classify the information. And that's why it’s so important to be able to save content right from Outlook into SharePoint. Colligo Email Manager makes it simple to save emails and attachments right from Outlook into SharePoint even from ... Continue reading »

Case Study: Global Aviation Company Uses Colligo for Economical, Paperless Email Records Management

We needed a solution that would be easy to use within Outlook – that was fundamental. We didn’t want any complexities to force people out of their comfort zone. The solution had to be convenient to use, allowing staff the discretion to select messages for them to be electronically filed appropriately.” Head of Records Management ... Continue reading »

Webinar: 4 Easy Steps to Data Compliance in SharePoint

Webinar: 4 Easy Steps to Data Compliance in SharePoint
One-third of the organizations we talk with are still assessing how to get the most from SharePoint and Office 365, including new Microsoft data compliance tools. There is a way to capture and classify emails and files to make data easily accessible and compliant all in one shot. To provide practical insight, Colligo has teamed ... Continue reading »

Building a Data Compliant Email Strategy for Mobile Productivity

Building a Data Compliant Email Strategy for Mobile Productivity
When it comes to email management strategies utilizing SharePoint, there are two big realities businesses are continuing to grapple with. The first is that more and more work is being done on mobile devices. The second is that email remains home base for many employees. In fact, according to a study conducted by the Radicati ... Continue reading »

Case Study: Pernod Ricard Distributes Timely Reports to Executives’ Mobile Devices, Online and Offline

SharePoint as a platform was the right investment for us, but it was the addition of Colligo that really transformed how we operate.” David Lepicier, Business Intelligence Director, Pernod Ricard Pernod Ricard is the world’s #2 in wines and spirits. Executives at Pernod Ricard – especially their CEO – spend a lot of time travelling ... Continue reading »

Case Study: How Colligo Helps Keep Northpower’s Remote Workers Informed

We needed a solution that would ensure our field workers have the latest content – even when in remote areas where there is no connectivity. Colligo is fast, easy to work with, and content is available offline. Importantly, it is allowing our technicians to work more safely.” Mike Wright, Business Systems Analyst Northpower is one ... Continue reading »

US Federal Government Agency Reduces Costs of FOIA Requests

US Federal Government Agency Reduces Costs of FOIA Requests
For government agencies, performing FOIA requests can involve multiple employees each devoting hours of manual effort to complete a search and still missing critical files. How could better email management improve this process? Within US federal government agencies, records and information management is an integral part of everyday work. They must comply with memorandums and ... Continue reading »

SharePoint The Way People Work – From Inside Outlook, Office and O365

SharePoint the way people work – from inside Outlook, Office and O365
SharePoint, don’t slow me down. If users were asked to get t-shirts made to express their affection for SharePoint that might be the clean slogan on the front. As enterprise controls over content have become more complex, it has become increasingly difficult for many employees to communicate and collaborate they way they want, without adding ... Continue reading »

Case Study: Air Transat Crews Access Flight Information and Critical Manuals from SharePoint via iPad, Even Offline

Since flight directors are always on the go, we purchased over 300 tablets and needed a way to distribute the right content to the right tablets for offline access even during flights.” Martin Lachance, Director, IT Solutions, at Air Transat In 2014, Canada’s leading leading holiday travel airline, Air Transat decided to improve information governance ... Continue reading »

How Office 365 Machine Learning Will Change Records Management

How Office 365 Machine Learning Will Change Records Management

Are you feeling like there’s an unstoppable, accelerating growth in the volume of data being created within your organization? The folks at Microsoft agree with you. In fact, they’ve been describing a state of “data explosion” occurring in business today. Given that ComputerWorld estimates that there are currently 120 million Office 365 commercial monthly active …

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