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Save and Classify Documents Direct to SharePoint from Excel, Word and PowerPoint – Watch 1-Minute Colligo Video

Document Manager for Office 365 1 Minute Video | Colligo

Colligo Document Manager for Office 365 lets users save Excel, Word & PPT files to SharePoint from Office with metadata & labels for easy search & compliance.

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Email Management in The Age of Information Governance – KMWorld Article

Colligo | Blog | Email Management in The Age of Information Governance – KMWorld Article

Considering how long email has been around, it is surprisingly neglected as a content type in the conversation underway on evolving requirements for data governance.

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Shift to Office 365 Could Be a Watershed Moment for Data Compliance

Shift to Office 365 could be a watershed moment for data compliance

The shift is on to Office 365. But what about data compliance? Are the new compliance-made-easy tools from Microsoft giving organizations a push to comply with intensifying national and sector-specific data security regulations? In a recent webinar on how to simplify compliance in SharePoint attended hosted by Microsoft MVP Joel Oleson and Colligo, a survey …

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How SharePoint Conference 2019 Validated My Faith In Metadata

Colligo | Blog | How SharePoint Conference 2019 Validated My Faith In Metadata

Since I switched to a customer-facing role at Colligo a year ago, what has really surprised me in working with a variety of Fortune 500 customers is the sheer variety of strategies employed to organize content in SharePoint. And company size doesn’t necessarily corelate to sophistication of the strategy. Some of the largest companies use …

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Case Study: US Federal Government Agency Uses Colligo for Email Records Management for FOIA Requests

“Colligo was the missing link in providing an end-to-end electronic records and information management solution. Colligo solves the problem of classifying and properly managing case-based emails. Their solution got the job done and was easily adopted by the end users.” Amina Elgouacem, CEO, NEOSTEK – lead consultants on the US Federal Government Agency project US …

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Email Still King Especially When In-Context

Colligo | Blog | Email Still King Especially When In-Context

Today’s guest post is authored by Christian Buckley, globally-recognized Microsoft MVP, author, and technology evangelist. He is the founder and CEO of CollabTalk, an independent research and technical marketing services company. Follow him via @buckleyplanet. Conversation sits at the center of collaboration. While most of our systems and business processes focus on data and …

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Microsoft SPNA 2019 – Are You Counting Down?

Colligo | Blog | SPNA 2019
This year Microsoft's SharePoint conference returns to Las Vegas and it is billed as “the world's biggest and most comprehensive event empowering you to achieve more in the modern workplace with Microsoft 365.” Running from May 21-23, 2019, there are workshops on Office 365, bots, a meta-driven internet future, plus craft beer. We’re headed loaded ... Continue reading »

Save Emails to SharePoint from Outlook – See How in 5-min Colligo Video

The moment a person opens an email or attachment, that’s when there’s highest probability to capture and classify the information. And that's why it’s so important to be able to save content right from Outlook into SharePoint. Colligo Email Manager makes it simple to save emails and attachments right from Outlook into SharePoint even from ... Continue reading »

Case Study: Global Aviation Company Uses Colligo for Economical, Paperless Email Records Management

We needed a solution that would be easy to use within Outlook – that was fundamental. We didn’t want any complexities to force people out of their comfort zone. The solution had to be convenient to use, allowing staff the discretion to select messages for them to be electronically filed appropriately.” Head of Records Management ... Continue reading »

Webinar: 4 Easy Steps to Data Compliance in SharePoint

Webinar: 4 Easy Steps to Data Compliance in SharePoint
One-third of the organizations we talk with are still assessing how to get the most from SharePoint and Office 365, including new Microsoft data compliance tools. There is a way to capture and classify emails and files to make data easily accessible and compliant all in one shot. To provide practical insight, Colligo has teamed ... Continue reading »