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Top Questions: Mastering Records and Knowledge Management in Office 365

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Our recent webinar "Mastering Records and Knowledge Management in Office 365" with guest Christian Buckley (Microsoft MVP & CEO of CollabTalk) generated phenomenal interest. This is clearly a topic that many of you have been waiting for. Christian described how email records and knowledge management have transformed over time, and shared how the move to ... Continue reading »

Introducing Colligo Email Manager for Office 365

Introducing Colligo Email Manager for Office 365.
The latest addition to the Colligo Engage platform, winner of the "Best Mobile Solution" at ESPC 2017. It works where you work The move to Office 365 promises to radically change the way we interact and collaborate with our peers. Its extensive suite of cloud-based applications will give employees remarkable flexibility in how and where ... Continue reading »

Christian Buckley on the Role of Email in Records Management

Today’s guest post is authored by Christian Buckley, globally-recognized Microsoft MVP, author, and technology evangelist. He is the founder and CEO of CollabTalk, an independent research and technical marketing services company. Follow him via @buckleyplanet. Christian explored these concepts further as our expert guest speaker on our webinar: Mastering Knowledge and Records Management in Office …

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What is the GDPR? – A Primer for RIM Practitioners

We’ve all heard of the European Union (EU)’s pending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and know it will have a major impact on how businesses around the world handle private data. What will this mean for Records and Knowledge Managers? In our first of a series of posts on GDPR we explain the key points …

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3 Key Forces for Government Records Management in 2018

Record Management is Hot and Getting Hotter in DC A quick scan of the national headlines on any given day will reveal how much current scrutiny there is over record keeping practices within the US Federal Government. This may seem unusual, but this is more than just a temporary tempest that will soon pass. It could …

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Email and RIM: Dealing with Mobility and Metadata

It seems like every day we learn of a new collaboration tool designed to make it easier to securely share and store corporate content and data. But despite the wealth of options, workers continue to vote with their keyboards, mice, and touchscreens—email is still by far the preferred way to share information. And the volume …

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Is ECM Dead?

Enterprise content management (ECM) is not what it used to be – that’s certain. In fact, many analysts agree that ECM is, in fact, dead. It all started with a quiet declaration on Gartner’s blog, “ECM is now dead (kaput, finite, an ex-market name). It’s been replaced by the term Content Services.” How does Gartner …

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Survey Results from the European SharePoint Community

November 2017 was an exciting month with Colligo’s team out and about at SharePoint community events across the globe. November also saw the SharePoint, O365 and Azure community met for the European SharePoint Conference in Dublin. This year Microsoft sent many of their digital workplace heroes to enlighten the European community. We got to meet …

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The Older the Fiddle, the Sweeter the Tune – SharePoint Turns 16 in Dublin at the European SharePoint Conference 2017

SharePoint was on display a few weeks ago in Dublin Ireland at the European SharePoint Conference 2017. And, while it’s now 16 years old, SharePoint just keeps getting better and better, prompting me to quote the old Irish saying “The older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune.” I had the pleasure of attending the conference, …

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Our KMWorld 2017 Recap

Deborah Dumont (Neostek), Barry Jinks (Colligo), Loic Triger (Colligo) and Lieutenant colonel Alberto Rodríguez Cruz (U.S. Army Pacific Command)

Last week I attended the KMWorld conference in Washington DC with our crew from Colligo, Loic Triger (COO) and Tom Ng (Manager of Services and Community). Billed as the “World’s Leading Knowledge Management Event” the conference brings software vendors, consultants and customers together for four days to discuss the current state and future of knowledge …

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