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What Does The Continued Growth Of Mobile Mean For Organizations?

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No matter what industry you’re in, no matter what part of the workforce you’re in, mobile is important, and it’s getting more important by the day. Mobile is enabling people to be more productive. The past year has been especially busy for CIOs who are supporting companies with mobile strategies, an article on the Mobile Enterprise website reports.

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What’s The Key To Effective Cross-Enterprise Collaboration?

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A collaboration platform can improve many areas of a company, but the tools must be well-implemented and adopted by users. A new study found that users collaborating via enterprise content management systems thought that collaboration was more effective than users engaging in ad hoc collaboration, according to an article on

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How Is Digital Convergence Erasing Boundaries In Business?

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Digital convergence is having a big impact on the workplace and is the No. 1 digital trend in a Forrester report discussed in an article on For example, if there’s a mobile website, it’s a given that people will use it. At the same time, thanks to increasing mobility, businesses expect employees to be productive wherever they are.

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Colligo’s Newest Release, Briefcase 3.6 For iOS, Improves Mobile Productivity

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Colligo’s newest release, Briefcase 3.6 for iOS, helps businesses save time while empowering workers to be more productive. Briefcase 3.6 for iOS improves mobility and productivity for users by making the editing and annotating of PDFs and Office documents on an iPhone or iPad easier.

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Why Are More Companies Recognizing The Importance Of Mobility?

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Despite all the challenges, companies are recognizing the importance of mobility. In a Citrix survey cited in an article from Mobile Marketing Watch, 71 percent of companies ranked mobility as a top priority. Mobile remains a high priority because it’s not a solved problem and, as a result, CIOs are feeling pressure to find solutions.

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Why Are Third-Party Vendors Key To SharePoint Mobile Success?

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An article from CMSWire lists several areas in which SharePoint’s native mobile features fall short. The fundamental premise that you can build a great mobile SharePoint experience through a browser is very limited in its view. That’s why Microsoft should focus on SharePoint as a platform and look to third-party vendors to provide mobility solutions.

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What’s The Best Model For Secure Mobile Collaboration?

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Mobile technology has some significant ramifications for the digital workplace, many of them good. Employees can work productively from more places and can access collaboration tools previously only available in the office, as described in an article from But the right model for mobility isn’t to re-host SharePoint content in the cloud.

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Why Is Mobile Collaboration Critical For Remote Workers?

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Mobile collaboration is critical for organizations with remote workers or employees who frequently travel. An article from Computer Weekly highlights some of the ways companies can harness mobile and remote collaboration solutions to allow field and office workers to be more productive and responsive.

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Why Do Paperless Processes Need To Be Mobile-First?

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There isn’t much point in creating a paper-free office without a mobile approach. In fact, the rapid rise of remote working has made paperless work processes even more important, according to an article from Digital Landfill. Improving productivity — not merely eliminating paper — should be the main driver for a paper-free initiative.

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New Case Study Highlights Enabling SMB Virtual Office with Synced Offline Access to SharePoint

Vancouver management consulting company, Kwela, has used Colligo Briefcase for Windows for a while and their principal, Russel Horwitz, doesn’t mince words when describing the difference that it makes to his company: “Colligo Briefcase for Windows has given us a massive boost in productivity. We couldn’t go back to the old way, it would be …

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