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What’s Driving Federal Agencies To Focus More On Mobility?

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Much like private sector employees, government workers want the ability to access information from anywhere and on any device they choose, an article from Federal News Radio reports. For many federal agencies, safety is the chief concern with mobility. The key is to clearly map out your mobile risks when creating a strategy for mobility.

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3 Ways For CIOs To Embrace Next-Generation Technologies

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The combination of mobile, social, cloud and Big Data represent the next wave in IT. This trend is occurring whether CIOs want to support it or not. That’s why they must find ways to take advantage of the benefits that these next-generation technologies offer while focusing on end-user engagement. An article from offers ways to get started.

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3 Keys To Making BYOD Work For Your Organization

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Research highlighted in a recent InformationWeek article notes that about 70 percent of U.S. organizations expect to embrace bring-your-own-device (BYOD) this year. But what factors should you weigh when considering a BYOD strategy? Start by focusing on three key areas to make BYOD work for your organization.

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Why Is Data Management More Important Than Ever?

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The growth of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and mobile collaboration presents some great opportunities for businesses to improve productivity and employee satisfaction, but also raises some key security and data management issues, an article from notes. That’s why data management is more vital than ever.

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Are Social Tools And Mobile Applications Replacing Closed Collaboration With Open Cooperation?

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Is collaboration in a closed ecosystem about to be replaced by free-flowing cooperation in an open environment using social tools and mobile applications? An article from CMSWire predicts that’s the case, but notes that the transition might cause some friction. To be really effective, all of these channels need to be linked in some way.

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What Does The Explosion Of Information Mean For Knowledge Management?

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Organizations have more knowledge management needs now than ever before with the explosion of digital information and social tools in recent years. At the same time, most companies aren’t satisfied with the technology they use to provide access to information for employees and customers, according to an article from Information Management.

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How Is Mobile Device Management (MDM) Evolving?

mobile-device-management-evolution | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

Mobile device management (MDM) remains a relatively new concept. As such, “most of the market is still only toe-dipping in this area,” an article from Network World reports. While that’s true, progress is happening as providers become more mature and organizations learn what to expect. In particular, providers are starting to carve niches in MDM.

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Does Your Organization Have The Right BYOD Policy In Place?

enterprise-BYOD-policy | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

Organizations need to protect corporate data while ensuring that users embrace BYOD and boost productivity. Users these days are going to bring personal devices to the office and use them for work, regardless of whether the company has any official BYOD policies in place, an article from Mobile Enterprise explains.

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Is It Time To Move Beyond BYOD?

enterprise-mobility-BYOD | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

Bring your own device (BYOD) has become a popular concept, but truly embracing enterprise mobility requires a more holistic mindset. An article from Apps Tech News highlights how organizations can move “beyond BYOD” and reap the full spectrum of benefits created by today’s powerful mobile devices.

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How Can Enterprises Provide A Great Mobile Experience?

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It’s increasingly important for organizations to provide a great mobile experience for their employees. An article from Information Age explains that the big challenge is for companies to keep pace with the rapid advancement of mobile technology in the consumer space while still meeting critical business requirements, such as adequate security.

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