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2015 AIIM Report Highlights Gaps Stalling Success of SharePoint ECM Projects

The new 2015 AIIM SharePoint Industry Watch Report just came out. We’re pretty excited to see the results of a survey AIIM conducted with 422 IT professionals. Despite a positive increase in the use of SharePoint for enterprise content management (ECM) and document management (from 48% of organizations surveyed in 2012 to 60% today), only …

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Yes to SharePoint for Field Engineers!

Mobile SharePoint for Field Engineers and Technicians

We know that the demands on today’s field engineers are immense. They’re responsible for overseeing operations from start to finish, for maintaining worker safety while ensuring compliance with multiple regulatory requirements, and also for countless admin tasks and team management. Now consider what it’s like to effectively manage these tasks while on a remote land …

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Engaging Users with Content

The content management market is transforming in response to social, mobile and cloud services (1). Highly personalized services are replacing the static Content Management Interfaces (CMI). Content is directed at users based on personal preferences. Wearable Internet enabled devices are showing up alongside tablets and phones as the list of multi-channel sources of created content begin …

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How NBC Fostered Collaboration with SharePoint at the 2014 Olympics – A Webinar Speaker Interview

Next week, Colligo and IT Unity are joining forces to bring you the webinar Gold Medal Collaboration: SharePoint Engagement at NBC for the Olympics. I recently met with our guest speakers, SharePoint MVP Dan Holme and Colligo CEO Barry Jinks, to discuss the success of the SharePoint implementation for NBC Olympics at the 2014 Olympic …

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Thinking about a mobile SharePoint solution? 5 must-haves for IT

Mobile SharePoint

With the deluge of mobile devices into the enterprise comes an IT nightmare of new dimensions. Expectations have changed. IT policies need to adapt to fit the new generation of workers, yet the requirements for security of corporate data remain. Meeting these conflicting needs is a delicate balancing act. The majority of large organizations have …

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What’s Going Wrong with BYOD?

What's wrong with BYOD

Around this time last year, Gartner predicted that by 2017, half of employers would require employees to supply their own device for work purposes. While a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy is still touted by some as “the” answer to appeasing a demanding mobile workforce and to reducing IT costs, the movement is showing …

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5 Tips For Effective Mobile Device Management (MDM)

mobile-device-management | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

As smartphone and tablet purchases supplant more traditional PCs, companies should expect to see increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks that target mobile devices, according to a recent article on the Mobile Enterprise website. Discover five important tips for using mobile device management (MDM) to safeguard your organization.

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Is ‘EFSS’ The Next Stage In Mobile Collaboration Software Evolution?

next-stage-mobile-collaboration | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

People need mobile collaboration software and document management tools to do their jobs. And many organizations want to encourage mobile productivity while keeping company data safe. Unfortunately, a lack of enterprise-grade mobile applications often drives employees to take risks by using unauthorized consumer apps, according to a CMSWire article.

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7 Qualities Of Great Mobile Application Development Partners

application-dev-partners | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

When your company is planning to develop mobile applications, consider partnering with a good app developer. Working with the right partner brings important qualities to the table, helping to ensure your project’s success. A recent article on offers several good tips for finding the right partner.

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Running A Business From Your Pocket With The Power Of Mobile Applications

power-mobile-apps | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

While the desktop computer still has its place, people are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to get work done. Software designers are leaning toward a mobile-first approach, enabling you to run your business from your pocket, an article from Re/code reports. Learn about the hidden benefit to thinking about the small screen first.

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