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Using SharePoint to Manage Email – Part 1 – EPFs or SharePoint?

We’ve just drafted a whitepaper called “Developing an Effective Email Collaboration Solution in SharePoint”. It discusses some of the user adoption issues that must be faced when tackling an email collaboration implementation project and discusses how Colligo Contributor can help to solve them.

Many thanks to Brent Bolleman for his contribution to the document. Also thanks to Michael Sampson for his comments and suggestions on the early draft.

Please feel free to add your comments. Let me know what you think!

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A Convenient Way to Store and Share Outlook Emails in SharePoint

As you may have noticed, Colligo Contributor 2.0 supports drag and drop of Outlook emails directly into SharePoint document libraries. This is a pretty cool feature because it means you can now use SharePoint instead of Exchange Server public folders to store project emails.

Here’s a little description of the problem and solution:

As an email sharing and collaboration solution, SharePoint document libraries offer many advantages over Exchange Server public folders, including ease of administration, ease of access, search, and content organization. Yet a number of mission critical requirements must be considered before integrating SharePoint with Microsoft Outlook email, such as:

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