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How Should You Manage Your Company’s Unprecedented Growth In Information?

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As an article from KM World notes, organizations are experiencing unprecedented growth in information generation, leaving many struggling to manage all of that data. But the sheer volume of data isn’t the biggest challenge for most organizations; it’s that the data is so fragmented. Learn how to make categorizing and finding data easier.

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Could A Lean Strategy And Electronic Records Improve Information Governance?

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Lean management, a strategy that focuses on reducing inefficiency and boosting value, originated in the manufacturing world. However, as an article from CMSWire explains, it’s applicable in many areas, including information governance, which is an important area that often doesn’t receive the attention it deserves.

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How to build a ‘Business Critical’ SharePoint system with Colligo

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A recent white paper, The ROI Benefits of Business Critical SharePoint authored by Microsoft and Pique Solutions, an independent research and analysis firm, defined a business critical system as one that: “Extends and automates important business processes across, and even beyond, organizational boundaries by exposing line of business (LOB) data, and allowing it to be …

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Why Must You Avoid Enterprise Content Management ‘Suite Overkill’?

enterprise-content-management-overkill | Photo Courtesy of Depositphotos

Why do people turn to consumer tools like Dropbox for work when their company has an enterprise content management (ECM) system? An article from offers some insights, especially the notion of “suite overkill.” The key is to tailor the full features of an ECM platform like SharePoint and only implement what users require.

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How Can SharePoint Metadata Improve Findability?

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Most organizations move to SharePoint to get away from local file shares and take advantage of more structured data. This only happens if there’s metadata, which is one of SharePoint’s strengths. The pros and cons of SharePoint and Dropbox — including structure and findability — are discussed in an article from CMSWire.

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Windows Apps Update Features French, German, and Spanish Support

Continuing our international theme, please welcome the latest update for Colligo’s Windows products for SharePoint: Contributor Pro, Email Manager, and Briefcase for Windows. All apps include a healthy mix of enhancements and maintenance, but the big news is localization for a total of four languages: English, French, German, and Spanish. This syncs well with the multi-language …

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New Case Study Highlights Enabling SMB Virtual Office with Synced Offline Access to SharePoint

Vancouver management consulting company, Kwela, has used Colligo Briefcase for Windows for a while and their principal, Russel Horwitz, doesn’t mince words when describing the difference that it makes to his company: “Colligo Briefcase for Windows has given us a massive boost in productivity. We couldn’t go back to the old way, it would be …

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Gartner Presents Free On-demand Webinar Featuring Cool Vendor 2013 Colligo

Gartner today delivered their latest webinar: Cool Vendors 2013: The Nexus Grows and Challenges Current IT Assumptions. The presentation features Colligo’s delivery of secure mobile SharePoint content on smartphones. It’s now available as a free on-demand webinar.   The one hour presentation by Managing VP & Gartner Fellow, Daryl C. Plummer, delves into how Cool …

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Wow, what a phenomenal show at TechEd NA in New Orleans!

First, a big thank you to every attendee that came by the Colligo booth and spent time with our team! The obvious highlight was Princess Leia and Chewbacca joining the Colligo team. While not getting your photos taken with them, the Star Wars competition for the TechEdJedi Master proved to be an enjoyable yet intense …

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Colligo seeks #TechEdJedi

Going to TechEd in New Orleans? We would love to meet up with you, so come by the Colligo booth #2202. For many the highlight will be our Star Wars tournament to find the TechEd Jedi master! SharePoint Jedi will want to check out our complete solution for mobile collaboration and email management in SharePoint, featuring enterprise …

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