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Mike Alsup’s 5 Myths About SharePoint Records Management

With the huge amount of interest in SharePoint as a platform for records management, it was great to read Mike Alsup’s blog post on the AIIM site titled “5 Myths about SharePoint Records Management.” Mike is the Senior Vice President at Gimmal Group and as you may know, GimmalSoft is one of Colligo’s important partners in the records management space. In fact, Microsoft, GimmalSoft and Colligo teamed up recently to put on a record-setting webinar focused on SharePoint 2010 for records management, governance and compliance. If you haven’t yet seen the webinar, you can view it here.

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Vote for Colligo Contributor – Andy Dale’s SharePoint Awards 2011

Andy Dale at Office Talk is running his popular SharePoint Awards for 2011 and Colligo Contributor Pro has been selected as a finalist in the category of Best SharePoint Mobile or Offline Solution. Colligo Contributor had the honor to have won last year and we’d love to be on the winner’s podium again this year!

If you like Colligo Contributor, please vote for us here, we’re listed in category #6. Also, take some time to vote for some of the other products nominated in the other 9 categories, as there are definitely some good products and services to choose.

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Claims-Based Authentication in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 includes many new features that have people excited about moving to it from older versions of SharePoint or from legacy ECM systems. One of these features is a new, more powerful and flexible authentication model called claims-based authentication. Authentication is simply the process of validating a user’s identity. After a user’s identity is validated, the authorization process determines which sites, content, and other features the user can access. In SharePoint 2010, you can choose to use either ‘classic-mode’ authentication or the new ‘claims-based’ authentication.

Claims-based authentication works with any corporate identity system, including Active Directory, LDAP-based directories, application-specific databases, as well as new user-centric identity models, such as Windows Live ID.

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Colligo Supports SharePoint Online, BPOS, & Office 365

No matter what you call it, hosted or cloud-based, <a title="sharepoint online services" href="/sharepoint-solutions/business/office-365-cloud/">SharePoint Online services</a> are becoming increasingly popular for organizations that want to take advantage of the features and capabilities of SharePoint, but don't want the overhead associated with managing an on-premise SharePoint installation. The benefits of cloud computing are many – lower hardware costs, simplified software deployment, and incredible scalability – to name a few.

With Microsoft's recent announcement of <a title="Office 365" href="/sharepoint-solutions/business/office-365-cloud/">Office 365</a> (the newest incarnation of BPOS, planned for rollout in 2011) and their renewed drive into the cloud computing market, organizations from large to small, will be looking at hosted or cloud based SharePoint as an alternative to on-premise.

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