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3 Records Management Functions That Third-Party Solutions Improve In SharePoint 2013

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SharePoint 2013’s records management is certainly an improvement over earlier versions. It’s better at accommodating records management in a complex business environment of access rights, global enterprise search and multiple mobile targets, according to Even so, three important capabilities are best attained using third-party solutions.

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How To Make Adding Metadata Simple And Stress-Free For Users

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An article from reports that “enterprises often collect content without a justification and have poor retention strategies, opening themselves up to legal exposure.” Any plans for handling unstructured data must include adding metadata. Automatic metadata extraction is one way to make that process easy for users.

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Are Workers Taking Enterprise Data Security More Seriously?

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New research on mobile enterprise security highlighted in an article from Enterprise Apps Tech reveals that 25 percent of U.S. workers believe “data security is not their responsibility.” But the survey results aren’t all bad, with 93 percent of respondents indicating that “their workplace was at least modestly secure.”

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How Do Records Management Systems Help Public-Sector Organizations?

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Records management systems might not be as attention-grabbing as devoting funds to a new park or improved roadways, but electronic content management (ECM) does offer big benefits in the public sector. An article from AIIM highlights some of the many ways such systems are able to help public-sector organizations, and by extension, the public.

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What Does The Explosion Of Information Mean For Knowledge Management?

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Organizations have more knowledge management needs now than ever before with the explosion of digital information and social tools in recent years. At the same time, most companies aren’t satisfied with the technology they use to provide access to information for employees and customers, according to an article from Information Management.

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What Role Should Users Play In Information Governance And E-Discovery?

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E-discovery — the discovery phase in legal proceedings that involves electronic information — is likely to become increasingly important for businesses as the amount of such information continues to balloon, an article from CMSWire reports. Users can play a big part in good information governance as they put content into the system.

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How Does Enterprise Mobility Impact Productivity And Security?

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More businesses are recognizing the importance of mobility in the enterprise. According to a survey from IFS highlighted in a TechRadar article, 76 percent of businesses have invested in mobility and applications aimed at employees. Third-party enterprise applications are enabling organizations to embrace mobility without sacrificing security.

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How To Ensure Mobility And Security Within The Enterprise

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In a SailPoint survey discussed in an article from Help Net Security, 84 percent of organizations used cloud-based applications for business processes and 82 percent allowed access with personal devices. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your software vendor is focused on providing strong security and management capabilities.

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How Can Organizations Ensure A Strong Mobile Security Strategy?

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SharePoint implementations hosted partly or entirely in the cloud, especially with third-party add-ons, are an attractive option for organizations seeking to improve their collaboration platforms and mobility. It’s important to have great security for any enterprise platform, an article from SharePoint Pro notes.

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Why Are Third-Party Apps Best-Suited For Records And Information Management?

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The consumerization of IT, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and Software as a Service (SaaS) are continuing to reshape the enterprise collaboration landscape, and the march to the cloud continues. IT needs to provide viable enterprise solutions that meet the version management and security needs of the company, an article from explains.

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