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Heartbleed Hype: Are Mobile Applications A Security Risk?

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The Heartbleed security breach has prompted plenty of hand-wringing about data security. A recent article in Information Week, for example, uses it as a jumping-off point to warn of the dangers of a less-than-secure BYOD mobile environment. These kinds of events happen, but they don’t mean companies are lax about data security or mobile devices.

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Do You Have Visibility Into The Applications Your Employees Are Using?

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Security is at the core of any strong IT strategy. But with the rise of cloud computing, mobility, social and bring-your-own-device (BYOD), it’s a struggle for IT decision-makers to stay in control, according to an article from What’s the key to regaining control over data? Provide an app-based mobile solution that people want to use.

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Records Managers: How To Confidently Embrace Mobile And Cloud Technologies

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An article from Fierce Content Management reports that many records managers are concerned about the cloud and mobile technologies. They now must deal with employees wanting to bring their own devices into the enterprise environment. The key is to embrace an app-centric solution that engages end users while preserving security.

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How Are Internal IT Security Teams Transforming Into Business Enablers?

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While internal IT security teams still need to say “no” to risky behaviors, they’re increasingly saying “yes” to technologies that drive business opportunities, according to an article on That’s because IT is being asked to become a business enabler and not an obstacle. The key is for both the business and IT to work closely together.

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3 Tips For Developing A Strong SharePoint Information Governance Strategy

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Are you struggling to use SharePoint effectively as a document management platform? If so, you’re not alone. Many organizations have this problem, and it’s largely due to SharePoint’s ease of use. The key is to develop a strong information governance strategy. An article on CMSWire outlines three tips for how to get started.

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Is It Time For A New Approach To Records Management?

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These days, organizations have a lot more than just paper documents to keep track of, and the volume of information keeps growing. As a result, traditional records management no longer works, Nick Inglis explains in an interview with He argues that records management needs to evolve into retention management.

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3 Records Management Functions That Third-Party Solutions Improve In SharePoint 2013

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SharePoint 2013’s records management is certainly an improvement over earlier versions. It’s better at accommodating records management in a complex business environment of access rights, global enterprise search and multiple mobile targets, according to Even so, three important capabilities are best attained using third-party solutions.

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How To Make Adding Metadata Simple And Stress-Free For Users

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An article from reports that “enterprises often collect content without a justification and have poor retention strategies, opening themselves up to legal exposure.” Any plans for handling unstructured data must include adding metadata. Automatic metadata extraction is one way to make that process easy for users.

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Are Workers Taking Enterprise Data Security More Seriously?

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New research on mobile enterprise security highlighted in an article from Enterprise Apps Tech reveals that 25 percent of U.S. workers believe “data security is not their responsibility.” But the survey results aren’t all bad, with 93 percent of respondents indicating that “their workplace was at least modestly secure.”

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How Do Records Management Systems Help Public-Sector Organizations?

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Records management systems might not be as attention-grabbing as devoting funds to a new park or improved roadways, but electronic content management (ECM) does offer big benefits in the public sector. An article from AIIM highlights some of the many ways such systems are able to help public-sector organizations, and by extension, the public.

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