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What’s Going Wrong with BYOD?

What's wrong with BYOD

Around this time last year, Gartner predicted that by 2017, half of employers would require employees to supply their own device for work purposes. While a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy is still touted by some as “the” answer to appeasing a demanding mobile workforce and to reducing IT costs, the movement is showing …

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How to Enhance Collaboration & Mitigate Risk with Better Document Management in SharePoint?

Join Colligo and partner Gig Werks for a complimentary webcast on how Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) organizations can Enhance Collaboration and Mitigate Risk with Email and Document Management in SharePoint. In organizations governed by rising costs, slim margins and the threat of litigation, keeping complex, multi-party projects on-time and on-budget requires up-to-the minute collaboration. An …

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Could Saving All Your Data Trigger A Knowledge Management Crisis?

could-saving-all | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

In the early days of “Big Data,” some organizations started keeping all of their data, thinking they might want it later. Now, they’re facing knowledge management issues. While most companies have effective ways of organizing, compressing and backing up their data, few truly put it to good use, according to a recent article on

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Ready To Go All Electronic With Email Records Management? Let SharePoint Help!

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While some federal agencies still print and file their emails to maintain records, looming deadlines are putting pressure on federal records managers to go all electronic, an article from InformationWeek reports. Learn how SharePoint is able to you cost-effectively make the transition to an online records management system.

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Are You Worrying Too Much About Mobile Security?

worry-mobile-security | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

In a recent article in CITEworld, Nir Zuk, founder and CEO of Palo Alto Networks, talks about the widespread misconception that mobile applications are less secure than desktop applications. Find the right balancing act that allows for security and productivity is the key to businesses confidently taking advantage of smartphones and tablets.

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Could The Internet Of Things (IoT) Reshape Enterprise Software And Security?

internet-of-things | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

Just as the advent of social media changed how our culture views privacy, the “internet of things” (IoT) is likely to change how organizations think about the security of their enterprise software and information. The rise of purpose-built devices that gather and generate information signals a dramatic change in IT security.

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Using Mobile Device Management (MDM) To Secure Data In BYOD Workplaces

mobile-device-management | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

Many mobile applications present security risks to business data stored on employees’ smartphones and tablets. Much of the risk stems from misconfigured and misused mobile apps, rather than sophisticated hacking attempts, according to an article from Computerworld UK. Mobile device management (MDM) helps ensure security for corporate data.

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Want To Stop Risky File-Sharing? Use Enterprise Collaboration Software

risky-file-sharing | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

People need to share information inside and outside of the organization — that’s just how work gets done. If your IT department doesn’t provide enterprise collaboration software on par with consumer-grade file-sharing tools, employees resort to riskier file sharing. This “shadow IT” increases risks of a data breach, according to an article from Business News Daily.

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How To Mitigate E-Discovery Risks With EDRMS

mitigate-ediscovery-risks | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

Many businesses store important conversations in the form of email. In the event of litigation, they need systems in place to ensure timely email discovery, according to a recent article. Electronic documents and records management systems (EDRMS) help automate archiving, ensure compliance and mitigate risks in e-discovery.

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3 Ways To Develop A More Effective Information Governance Strategy

develop-governance-strategy | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

The basic concepts of information governance are well established in document management, but they’re fairly new ideas in other business areas. An effective information governance strategy needs to reflect your organization’s goals and be explained in terms of business needs, rather than rules. A recent article from CMSWire offers three tips for developing such a strategy.

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