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3 steps to turning IT into a customer-driven organization

Call it shadow IT or rogue IT, the increasing use of unsanctioned cloud apps by employees is a symptom, not an illness. It happens primarily because employees want something that their IT department isn’t providing. Plain and simple. In a recent article published on IT Business Net, author Sarah Lahav argues that IT needs to …

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Thinking about a mobile SharePoint solution? 5 must-haves for IT

Mobile SharePoint

With the deluge of mobile devices into the enterprise comes an IT nightmare of new dimensions. Expectations have changed. IT policies need to adapt to fit the new generation of workers, yet the requirements for security of corporate data remain. Meeting these conflicting needs is a delicate balancing act. The majority of large organizations have …

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What’s Going Wrong with BYOD?

What's wrong with BYOD

Around this time last year, Gartner predicted that by 2017, half of employers would require employees to supply their own device for work purposes. While a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy is still touted by some as “the” answer to appeasing a demanding mobile workforce and to reducing IT costs, the movement is showing …

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How to Enhance Collaboration & Mitigate Risk with Better Document Management in SharePoint?

Join Colligo and partner Gig Werks for a complimentary webcast on how Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) organizations can Enhance Collaboration and Mitigate Risk with Email and Document Management in SharePoint. In organizations governed by rising costs, slim margins and the threat of litigation, keeping complex, multi-party projects on-time and on-budget requires up-to-the minute collaboration. An …

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Is Enterprise Collaboration Software Reaching A Fork In The Road?

fork-in-the-road | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

As more organizations turn to enterprise collaboration software and social tools, the explosion of options is paving two paths, according to an article from ZDNet. Developers are either steering applications toward becoming full-featured, all-in-one environments, or focusing on making a few core features that work better than anyone else’s.

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How To Improve Employee Retention With Next-Gen Enterprise Collaboration Systems

how-to-improve | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

Holding onto a legacy enterprise system might be financially tempting, but relying on ancient technologies that don’t put the user experience at the forefront means you risk alienating both current and future employees, according to a recent article in CMSWire. To attract the next generation’s brightest minds, you must meet them on their level with next-gen enterprise collaboration solutions.

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5 Tips To Build A Collaborative Culture In Your BYOD Mobile Environment

build-collaborative-culture | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model may seem like an inexpensive way to increase your company’s mobile access, but it has technical drawbacks when trying to bring business-critical applications to the devices employees use. A recent article offers tips for improving mobile collaboration, making it easy and attractive for employees.

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Creating A Collaborative Culture With Enterprise Social Tools

enterprise-social-tools-collaboration | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

When you’re trying to create a social collaborative culture in your organization, one challenge is managing and choosing from the profusion of devices and enterprise social tools. Look for social platforms that are integrated with enterprise applications rather than standalone tools, suggests a recent Information Week article.

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Why The Right Culture Is Key To Social Collaboration Success

social-collaboration-success | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

Simply implementing social collaboration tools won’t solve your collaboration problems. Building a collaborative environment starts with having the right culture, SharePoint MVP Robert Bogue explains in an interview with Focus on why people should embrace social and not how they should use social tools.

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Why Are IT Departments Struggling To Align Objectives With Business Strategy?

align-objectives-with-strategy | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

A recent survey highlighted in an article from Information Age reveals that a lack of resources and legacy infrastructure are limiting most IT departments from aligning their objectives with business strategy. Organizations need a strong enterprise architecture structure to ensure technology is aligned with a cohesive IT and business strategy.

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