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7 Ways to Get More from SharePoint #2 – Embrace the Seamless Teamwork Approach

The next post in the series titled “7 Ways to Get more from Your SharePoint Deployment” discusses how to get more value from SharePoint by embracing an approach I call “Seamless Teamwork”. The last post dealt with gaining clarity around the business reasons for SharePoint.

Microsoft Press recently published my first book—Seamless Teamwork: Using Microsoft SharePoint Technologies to Collaborate, Innovate, and Drive Business in New Ways (see The point of the book was to show business people how they could embrace the out-of-the-box capabilities of SharePoint to support collaboration, and hopefully to make the case that SharePoint offers better technical capability to support everyday collaborative processes than current tools such as email and file attachments.

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7 Ways to Get More from SharePoint #1 – Be Clear on Business Reason for SharePoint

This is the second post in a series I'm doing here on 7 ways to get more from your SharePoint deployment. <a href="/blog/7-ways-to-get-more-from-sharepoint-introduction/">The first post</a> was an introduction to the series.

The first way to get more from your SharePoint deployment now is to be fully aware of why SharePoint is being used at your firm. What are the business outcomes that your senior managers are looking for? Or don’t they know about SharePoint? If IT has slipped SharePoint in without going through a process of understanding what the business needs from SharePoint, then you are working from a place of weakness. Be warned.

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7 Ways to Get More from SharePoint – Introduction

As Barry mentioned, I’m doing to do a series of posts over the next few weeks based on the material presented in the webinar I did with Colligo back in February titled “7 Ways to Get More From Your SharePoint Deployment. Now!”. I’m really pleased to have the opportunity to post here on the offlinesharepoint blog. Hope you find them interesting. If you have any comments or questions, please post them here or contact me directly at the coordinates on my contact page.

So, here we go. This first post is an introduction to set up the series.

The implementation of the technology of SharePoint signals the start of the race. Beyond the starting blocks is a set of twists and turns over the course of the race as you speed towards the finishing tape. How you handle the twists and turns determine whether you win the race or don’t. As with most races, there’s a supporting cast gunning for you to win, and a group of sponsors who have their reputation on the line.

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Guest Blogger – Michael Sampson

Some of you may have seen our webinar in February with Michael Sampson, author, blogger and SharePoint consultant. The webinar title was “7 Ways to Get More From Your SharePoint Deployment. Now!”. It was very, very well received by the audience of over 1,500. Michael delivered some very useful tips to help organizations leverage their investment in SharePoint. For those that missed it, there’s a replay of the webinar at the Colligo Resource Center.

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Colligo Truth #4 – If you need to route emails and attachments to SharePoint, Colligo Contributor Add-In for Outlook can offer the capabilities of Managed Folders without the administrative overhead.

Happy Valentines Day! In our continuing series on email management in SharePoint, I wanted to expand on Joel Oleson’s last post on Managed Folders. Here I will present an alternative to Managed Folders that let’s you store emails directly in SharePoint – Colligo Contributor Add-In for Outlook.

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Colligo Truth # 3 – Users can move emails and attachments, and their associated custom metadata and content types to SharePoint with a simple drag-and-drop. IT overhead is very low.

Happy New Year. We had a terrific 2008, thanks in part to the terrific growth of the SharePoint market. Let’s hope 2009 is even better. I came across an interesting article by Dan Holme (SharePoint MVP), where he collects some of the 2009 SharePoint predictions from fellow MOSS MVPs.

Meanwhile… we are continuing the series of posts on the “Myths and Truths of Email Management with SharePoint”. In his last post, Joel Oleson discussed some of the pifalls of using email enabled lists in SharePoint. I wanted to expand on that a little further.

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Colligo Truth # 2 – Contributor Add-In for Outlook coupled with SharePoint can provide the functionality of Public Folders without the drawbacks

Joel Oleson discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of Exchange Public Folders in his last post. Like Public Folders, Colligo Contributor Add-In for Outlook provides a convenient method for linking SharePoint document libraries and lists into Outlook folders. Unlike Public Folders, the addition of shared folders to mailboxes does not necessitate IT involvement. They can be added by end users themselves, based on existing user permissions set in SharePoint. Optionally, IT administrators can push out a configuration file to the clients that automatically links a set of SharePoint document libraries and folders to Outlook without user intervention. This file can also be used to manage a number of configuration options, including default metadata for individual folders.

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Myth #1: Mailbox folders are a great place to store and organize emails and attachments

This is the second post in a guest series I’m doing here on Email Management in SharePoint. The first post was an introduction.

It’s very common for people to think, “I need access to an important document so I’ll email it to myself and then I’ll have it offline in my PST folder.” While this may provide value to a single user, it conflicts with the goals of enterprises that are trying to make content reusable. When important files are stored on individual user desktops or laptops in personal PST files, the information becomes an island that no one else can access.

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Colligo Contributor Version 3.0 Released

It was brought to my attention that I did not do a posting on the release of our Version 3.0 product line in March… Shame on me! It was actually a really big event and I forgot completely to put it in the blog. So for those of you that haven’t see it, here’s the scoop on Version 3.0. There’s a link at the bottom so you can request a trial for yourself.

Contributor Version 3.0 Just Released

Colligo Contributor™ is now a product line with Version 3.0! Contributor Client is a rich desktop application that provides a consistent SharePoint experience online and offline for mobile professionals. Contributor Add-In for Outlook® offers deep integration between SharePoint and Outlook interfaces, enabling email and document drag-and-drop for information workers. Colligo Contributor Pro includes both these interfaces to boost productivity, improve content management, and increase the number of documents and emails stored in SharePoint. Contributor SDK supports the development of custom clients for SharePoint.

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Strong Demand Continues for SharePoint Clients

On Wednesday, Colligo reported an 86% increase in revenues in Q3 2007 over Q3 2006. The main driver continues to be Colligo Contributor for SharePoint, sales of which have increased over 3000% year to date over 2006. We did a bit analysis and it looks like Contributor is now used by over 400 companies. Wheh, this is growing faster than we thought.

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