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Colligo Contributor 4.0 Beta is Out

The 4.0 beta has now officially left the station and it seems to be going well. Everyone that applied for one should have received an email with download directions and a key. If you filled out the form, but did not receive an email, please email beta40 at and we’ll look into it.

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Access Webinar Resources on Attachment Management in SharePoint

The recent webinar entitled “How to Implement an Effective Email Attachment Solution in SharePoint” was a big success with over 800 registrants. Our guest speaker was Eric Legault, MVP for MS Outlook and expert in SharePoint. Eric shared some of his thoughts on the issues facing organizations that want to move attachments from Exchange to SharePoint. He did a demo of the new Attachment Manager capabilities in Colligo Contributor 4.0 and also went through how to code up policies so IT can manage attachment upload.

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Calling All Beta Testers!

Although version 4.0 is a bit late, we’re pleased to announce that it’s ready for external beta testing. The wide range of operating systems and Microsoft Office configurations it is designed to support, coupled with the sophisticated twiddly-bits we put into Windows Explorer have delayed release a wee bit longer than expected due to final QA.

If you would like to request a beta copy of 4.0 for testing, please fill out the Colligo Contributor Pro Beta Request Form. Once we’ve had a chance to sift through the requests, we will send out copies of the beta code next week (week of August 10th). We will even provide a nifty online form for testers to provide their feedback quickly!

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SharePoint Workspace 2010 Will Be Good For Colligo: Bring It On!

Awhile back I <a href="/blog/topic/sharepoint-workspace-2010/">posted about the re-naming of Groove as SharePoint Workspace 2010</a>. During the webinar we did in June introducing version 4.0 of Colligo Contributor, we mentioned SharePoint Workspace again, and this <a href="/blog/colligo-contributor-release-4-webinar-replay-and-answers-to-questions/">spawned a number of questions from attendees</a>. Recently, I noticed some buzz on Twitter about Colligo’s imminent demise as a result of Groove’s repositioning.

I feel compelled to provide a preliminary response to the questions and comments. Frankly, it’s too early to be doing this as SharePoint Workspace is still in private beta, so no one can talk about the details publicly. And the devil’s in the details, as they say. While we’ve had a chance to play with the code, we are under NDA and cannot talk about it (and rightly so).

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Colligo Contributor Release 4 Webinar Replay and Answers to Questions

On June 30 Colligo held a live webinar entitled “Supercharge Your SharePoint Deployment With The New Colligo Contributor 4.0”. Our VP of Development, Dave Foster, gave an extensive demo, which seemed to be very well received judging from the comments. You can view a replay of the webinar, request additional information, and sign up for a free trial of Contributor 4,0 at the webinar resource center.

Colligo Contributor 4.0 is scheduled for release the week of July 13th, 2009. For a list of features, please read the press release.

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This afternoon I received a question on our support for versioning. In short, our support is as follows:

Colligo Contributor and Reader behavior is the same here. The latest version is downloaded – in Reader that is the end of the story as it is a reader with no write access. In Contributor uploading documents will act as SharePoint is configured.

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Version 4 Advanced Briefings

We will be releasing version 4.0 at the end of the month and are giving advanced briefings to press, analysts, bloggers and Microsoft MVPs. If you are interested in scheduling a briefing, please send me a note via the contact form on or before June 24th. Please include your name, email, URL, and whether you are an MVP, blogger, analyst or press.

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Colligo Contributor User Tips on LinkedIn

Melanie Aizer, our dedicated and talented marketing specialist, has been posting Colligo User Tips to the Colligo for SharePoint User Group on LinkedIn. We are getting some good feedback on the posts, as people are discovering new ways to use the product. If you are a Contributor user, I’d suggest joining the group.

Melanie is posting a lot of other interesting information on LinkedIn and is finding an active Colligo community on Twitter.

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Andy Dales’ SharePoint Awards 2009

Andy Dale, the Senior SharePoint Consultant at UK SharePoint Specialists, Officetalk published his list of “Best SharePoint” Awards for 2009 on his blog. I’ll repeat them here:

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SharePoint Reviews

If you haven’t yet visited, SharePoint Reviews, it’s a terrific site. Hundreds of SharePoint Products are featured and many have been reviewed by users. Mike Ferrara, a SharePoint consultant in South Florida, writes an interesting column there called OnPoint.

I was pleased to see that Colligo Reader is the Top Rated Freeware product at SharePoint Reviews. Colligo Contributor Client also received a 5/5 rating. Thanks to all the people who were kind enough to do a review of both these products. I noticed that they just put a product description of Contributor Add-In for Outlook up there recently, but it hasn’t received any reviews yet. We’d love to get a few reviewers if anyone is so inclined. You can get a 30 day full function evaluation copy of the Add-In here.

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