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Driving User Adoption of SharePoint Webinar – Questions and Answers

Our webinar on driving user adoption with Dan Holme sparked a number of questions from our attendees. We were only able to answer a few of them during the webinar itself, so as promised, here are the rest of the questions along with the answers. A big thanks to Dan for handling the majority of the questions and to Trevor for his answers to the Colligo specific questions (near the end of the post). If you haven’t seen the webinar yet, you can view the on-demand here.

We have many users that are not on Windows, are not in a domain, or do not use Outlook. Any advice on increasing their use of SharePoint?

It really depends on what they are doing with SharePoint.

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On-Demand Webinar: 7 Things You Need to Know to Drive User Adoption of SharePoint

Our recent webinar with leading SharePoint MVP and top 50 SharePoint Influencer, Dan Holme, titled: 7 Things You Need to Know to Drive User Adoption of SharePoint is now available on-demand. This webinar generated a huge amount of interest with over 2800 SharePoint professionals registering for the event. In the webinar, Dan provided an inside look at the most powerful ways to drive SharePoint user adoption—by integrating it into your users’ experience and the tools they “live in” every day.

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Colligo Sponsors SharePoint Connections Coast to Coast Tour and Microsoft SharePoint Bootcamp

Colligo is pleased to be a sponsor of the upcoming SharePoint Connections Coast to Coast Tour and Microsoft SharePoint Bootcamp. With stops in several major US cities, the tour is bringing together all the best speakers from SharePoint Connections, including well known SharePoint MVPs such as Dan Holme and influential Microsoft people, including Steve Fox. The event will provide practical guidance and best practices for deploying, configuring, managing, and developing for SharePoint 2010.

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Records Management in SharePoint 2010

I found an interesting and very thorough whitepaper written by Bruce Miller of Rimtech Inc. on “Managing Electronic Records in Microsoft SharePoint 2010” that I knew would be of interest to most SharePoint professionals. You can request a copy of the whitepaper here.

Bruce Miller is a pioneer in the electronic recordkeeping software business. He co-founded Provenance Systems in 1989 which developed ForeMost and is now owned by EMC/Documentum Corp. Then he founded Tarian Software in 1999 which was the first e-Records technology certified against the revised DoD 5015.2 June 2002 standard. Tarian was later acquired by IBM.

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Sheryl Nolan of Microsoft LCA Talks About Colligo Contributor

Another highlight of our LegalTech 2011 conference participation was that we were able to interview Sheryl Nolan, the Senior Solution Manager for Microsoft’s Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) Group. As I mentioned in a previous post, the LCA Group received the 2010 Legal Technology News Award for most innovative use of technology in a legal department.

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Back to School – Microsoft Partner MS101 Course

As part of my new role at Colligo managing our Microsoft partnership and the company’s strong support for Microsoft and their vibrant ecosystem, I recently attended the very popular Microsoft Partner MS101 course at Microsoft’s head office in Redmond, WA.

Microsoft has made an unbelievable commitment to partner success, and this is not simply to resell the Microsoft stack, but to support the entire ecosystem of ISV’s, consultants, system integrators, etc. After three solid days of presentations and PowerPoint slide decks reviewing organization charts, partner resources, product lines and competitors, it became readily apparent that Microsoft takes their partners’ success very seriously. For example, each and every presenter thanked the partners for their commitment to Microsoft. It was a small but thoughtful gesture and one that resonated with all the attendees.

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Colligo and Microsoft at LegalTech 2011 in New York City

The Colligo team recently participated in another interesting conference, this time it was the LegalTech East Conference in New York City. LegalTech is an important event for law firms and legal departments looking for practical information on technology to better manage their practice. This year’s conference attracted more than 14,000 attendees.

Colligo was definitely busy at the show and it was great to meet up with many of our east coast based customers and partners. In addition to having a booth at the conference, Colligo was also invited by Microsoft to speak at their very well attended “Super Session” on SharePoint. Trevor Dyck, Colligo’s Director of Product Management, did a presentation to a full house on how law firms and legal departments are deploying SharePoint client solutions for email and matter management and the importance of integrating Outlook with SharePoint. The session was moderated by Norm Thomas of Microsoft and also included Kevin Griffie of AIS and Matt Koch of Metalogix who did presentations on their company’s respective SharePoint solutions.

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SharePoint Webinar: 7 Things You Need to Know to Drive User Adoption of SharePoint

We are really pleased to be partnering with leading SharePoint MVP and top 50 SharePoint Influencer, Dan Holme, for our next SharePoint 2010 webinar: <a href=";cid=ColligoBlog" target="_blank">7 Things You Need to Know to Drive User Adoption of SharePoint</a>. Dan is going to provide an inside look at the most powerful ways to drive <a title="SharePoint user adoption" href="">SharePoint user adoption</a>—by integrating it into your users' experience and the tools they "live in" every day.

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Claims-Based Authentication in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 includes many new features that have people excited about moving to it from older versions of SharePoint or from legacy ECM systems. One of these features is a new, more powerful and flexible authentication model called claims-based authentication. Authentication is simply the process of validating a user’s identity. After a user’s identity is validated, the authorization process determines which sites, content, and other features the user can access. In SharePoint 2010, you can choose to use either ‘classic-mode’ authentication or the new ‘claims-based’ authentication.

Claims-based authentication works with any corporate identity system, including Active Directory, LDAP-based directories, application-specific databases, as well as new user-centric identity models, such as Windows Live ID.

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Colligo Contributor Receives U.S. Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN)

We are really pleased to announce that our Colligo Contributor Uploader for Outlook product, which integrates Outlook and SharePoint for email management, has received the Certificate of Networthiness from the U.S. Army.

This certification is important for doing business with the U.S. Federal Government as many Federal departments have this specific requirement. The Certificate signifies that Colligo’s software is in full compliance with the Army Enterprise Infrastructure’s strict standards for security, supportability, sustainability and compatibility. It also applies to the National Guard, Army Reserve and Department of Defense organizations using the Army Enterprise Infrastructure network.

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