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Unleashing SharePoint 2010 for Records Management, Governance and Compliance – Questions and Answers

Unleashing SharePoint 2010 for Records Management, Governance and Compliance,” not only set a new record for attendance, but also set a new record for most questions asked during a webinar. The quantity and quality of questions really showed a great level of engagement of the attendees to the material being presented, so thanks to everyone that took the time to ask us a question.

Some answers are still being prepared so check back to this page for an update.

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On-Demand Available: Record-Setting SharePoint 2010 Records Management Webinar

Our recent webinar, “Unleashing SharePoint 2010 for Records Management, Governance and Compliance,” was not only a huge success, but set a new record for SharePoint webinars. Nearly 3000 SharePoint professionals participated in the event, the largest number for any SharePoint webinar to date! And now, this record-setting webinar is available to view on–demand.

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Email Management in SharePoint 2010 #5: Conclusion and Q/A

In this final blog entry, I’ll wrap up with what Microsoft sees as the key drivers of SharePoint and Office 2010 as well as provide answers the two of the questions that I was asked during the webinar and was able to answer live.

In summary, the three key drivers of the new SharePoint and Office 2010 release are (1) ease of use, (2) flexible compliance, and (3) cost effectiveness. These help to drive enterprise content management across the organization and into the hands of all of your users.

My answers to the following two questions asked during the webinar can be heard on the audio file below.

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Email Management in SharePoint 2010 #4: Records Management

Continuing the series based on the recent webinar that I participated with Colligo on email management in SharePoint 2010, in this fourth blog entry I’ll outline the new features designed to extend the Records Management capability of SharePoint 2010.

In Place Records Management

Historically, most records management systems operate around what’s called a file plan or a business classification schema, which is essentially a hierarchical folder structure for classifying and storing content (including emails). Within the file plan hierarchy, you define your metadata capture and your retention policies. In SharePoint 2010, we have created a new way of managing records called In Place Records Management. The idea here is that records can exist anywhere within the SharePoint platform. You may chose to take that record and move it to a separate records archive but a lot of people in the collaborative world want to the ability to declare a content item as a record, and to leave that content where it is, in the context it was created.

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Email Management in SharePoint 2010 #3: Project and Case Management

In my second blog entry, I discussed how SharePoint is bringing together the traditional world of content management and the world of social networking and collaboration. In this third entry, I’ll look more closely at Project and Case Management in terms of the new features and functionality that Microsoft launched in SharePoint 2010 that will help in email management.

The Content Organizer

The Content Organizer is an underpinning piece of the SharePoint 2010 platform. The Content Organizer is a way to automatically classify and route information based on specific properties of that information. This capability makes it easy for users to take large volumes of emails and move them into the SharePoint environment for better project and case management.

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Email Management in SharePoint 2010 #2: ECM for the Masses

In my first blog entry, I looked at the 4 key scenarios for email management in an organization and identified the key outcomes and supporting platforms and software for each scenario. In this next section, I would like to talk about content management from a Microsoft perspective, our notion of ECM for the masses, and how we think of delivering it from Microsoft.

When we look at the ECM space, we see two worlds, the world of traditional content management and the world of social networking and collaboration. From a Microsoft perspective and with SharePoint, we are looking at bringing these two worlds together and saying that this is all just content, no matter how it is created, no matter how it is rendered to the end user, or on what device it’s consumed over. It’s all simply content that needs to be supported with security, metadata, workflow processes, and with policy in place to make sure we keep the content we should be keeping and we dispose of content once it is no longer useful to the organization and in line with corporate guidelines, industry or government regulations.

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Email Management in SharePoint 2010 #1: A Microsoft Perspective

As Barry mentioned, I’m going to do a series of posts over the new few weeks based on the information that I presented at the webinar on Email Management in SharePoint 2010. These posts and the associated audio files and presentation slides break down the webinar into smaller sections and enable people to download the audio and slides and listen/view at their convenience.

In this first section, I’ll discuss how Microsoft is thinking about ECM and in particular email management in terms of how an organization can get it under control. Their are 4 key scenarios that we consider when we think about how to manage emails in an organization. These 4 key scenarios I like to call the continuum, starting on the left hand side with Personal Email Management, then moving right to Project and Case Management, then to Email Archiving and finally to Records Management.

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Ryan Duguid: Guest blogger on Email Management in SharePoint

Many of you may have watched our recent webinar with Ryan Duguid, titled “SharePoint 2010: What’s New for Email Management?” In fact, we had a record number of registrations for the event at almost 2600, so we definitely know that email management in SharePoint 2010 is a hot topic! Not only is Ryan very busy being Microsoft’s Senior Product Manager for ECM, but he’s also a very much in-demand speaker, recently providing the keynote address at the New Zealand SharePoint Conference in Wellington.

Ryan has agreed to be a guest blogger and do series here based on the webinar. Over the next few weeks, Ryan will publish blog posts that break down the webinar into more manageable pieces, as well as provide links to the slides he used and to the specific audio portion of his presentation. You can either listen online or download the audio and listen at your convenience.

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Ryan Duguid’s Webinar Questions and Answers

Ryan Duguid, Microsoft’s Senior Product Manager for ECM, was the guest speaker at our very successful webinar on “SharePoint 2010: What’s New for Email Management?” During the webinar we received several questions from attendees, some of which Ryan was able to answer live. However, a number of questions were answered by Ryan via email after the webinar and you can read those questions and answers below.

How do we educate users on what emails need to be declared as a record?

The decision about what email should be declared as a record varies from one organization to the next depending on specific internal requirements as well as industry and government regulations. In general though, any email correspondence that is considered to be evidence of business activities and transactions would constitute a record. Two of the most prominent definitions of what constitutes a record are:

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Upcoming Microsoft / Colligo Webinar on SharePoint 2010and Email Management

We’re really excited to be partnering again with Microsoft for an upcoming webinar on June 17: SharePoint 2010 – What’s New for Email Management? This time we’ve tapped another of our excellent Microsoft contacts, Ryan Duguid, who is Microsoft’s Senior Product Manager for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Ryan is very well known in the SharePoint community and in fact, he’ll be in Wellington the week before our webinar, doing the keynote address at the New Zealand SharePoint Conference. We’re really happy to have Ryan participate in what’s sure to be another great webinar focused on a topic that is near and dear to our hearts, email management in SharePoint 2010.

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