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GimmalSoft Compliance Suite Receives DoD 5015.2 Certification

GimmalSoft and Colligo DoD 5015.2 Certified

Congratulations to our friends at GimmalSoft – their GimmalSoft Compliance Suite is now DISA JITC certified for DoD 5015.2 compliance! Colligo’s email management solution for Outlook is integrated as part of the GimmalSoft Compliance Suite.

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RimTech Review of GimmalSoft Compliance Suite Including Colligo

Bruce Miller of RIM Tech reviews the new GimmalSoft Compliance Suite for DoD 5015.2 compliance, which includes the Colligo Contributor Add-In for Outlook, and calls it a “market game changer.”

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Colligo at ILTA 2011 – Catch the SharePoint 2010 Wave for Legal

ILTA 2011 Colligo Email Management SharePoint 2010

The Colligo team is very excited to be heading to the International Legal Technology Association Conference 2011 in Nashville, TN, from August 21-25. As a Microsoft SharePoint partner for nearly 7 years, Colligo has a significant customer base of professional service organizations and we have been eagerly anticipating the move of legal firms to SharePoint from their legacy document management solutions (DMS).

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Email Records Management: Exchange Managed Folders or SharePoint?

Colligo is increasingly working with companies and organizations on their email and records management strategies particularly as SharePoint 2010 and Exchange 2010 upgrades are being undertaken worldwide. As organizations look to adopt SharePoint 2010 for enterprise records management, there has been considerable discussion around the use of Exchange Managed Folders and their suitability for storing email in records management scenarios.

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Excellent Microsoft Case Study on Colligo and Charter Communications

Just in time for the 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft has published an excellent Colligo and SharePoint case study and how we help customers take advantage of the enterprise-level capabilities of SharePoint 2010 for document, email and records management.

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Colligo Contributor Supports Microsoft Office 365

We are really excited to announce Microsoft Office 365 support for our award-winning Colligo Contributor product suite. Microsoft Office 365 is generating a huge amount of buzz in the industry and Microsoft is dedicating a lot of resources to ensure its success in the marketplace.

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Mike Alsup’s 5 Myths About SharePoint Records Management

With the huge amount of interest in SharePoint as a platform for records management, it was great to read Mike Alsup’s blog post on the AIIM site titled “5 Myths about SharePoint Records Management.” Mike is the Senior Vice President at Gimmal Group and as you may know, GimmalSoft is one of Colligo’s important partners in the records management space. In fact, Microsoft, GimmalSoft and Colligo teamed up recently to put on a record-setting webinar focused on SharePoint 2010 for records management, governance and compliance. If you haven’t yet seen the webinar, you can view it here.

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Unleashing SharePoint 2010 for Records Management, Governance and Compliance – Questions and Answers

Unleashing SharePoint 2010 for Records Management, Governance and Compliance,” not only set a new record for attendance, but also set a new record for most questions asked during a webinar. The quantity and quality of questions really showed a great level of engagement of the attendees to the material being presented, so thanks to everyone that took the time to ask us a question.

Some answers are still being prepared so check back to this page for an update.

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On-Demand Available: Record-Setting SharePoint 2010 Records Management Webinar

Our recent webinar, “Unleashing SharePoint 2010 for Records Management, Governance and Compliance,” was not only a huge success, but set a new record for SharePoint webinars. Nearly 3000 SharePoint professionals participated in the event, the largest number for any SharePoint webinar to date! And now, this record-setting webinar is available to view on–demand.

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Upcoming Webinar – Unleashing SharePoint 2010 for Records Management, Governance and Compliance

We are really pleased to have Ryan Duguid, Senior Product Manager, ECM and Compliance at Microsoft participating with us again for a webinar on June 2 titled: Unleashing SharePoint 2010 for Records Management, Governance and Compliance. Ryan’s last webinar with us set a new record for most registrations and we’re looking to push the record even higher with this webinar!

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