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Microsoft Office 365 Beta Released – Go Cloud!

Congratulations to Microsoft for <a href="http://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/office365/online-software.aspx" target="_blank">releasing the public beta of Office 365</a>. The buzz that we’re hearing about <a title="Office 365" href="http://www.colligo.com/sharepoint-solutions/business/office-365-cloud/">Office 365</a> is incredible and we’ve talked to a lot of customers who are looking at either moving totally to Office 365 or creating a hybrid environment with both on-premise and cloud-based SharePoint.

We’re really proud to have been the first company in our market to <a href="/news-releases/colligo-networks’-contributor-pro-suite-introduces-industry-leading-support-for-microsoft-office-365/">announce support for Office 365 </a>and actually had Microsoft demonstrate <a title="Colligo Contributor" href="http://www.colligo.com/products/contributor/">Colligo Contributor</a> working with Office 365 at the AIIM/Info360 conference in Washington, DC in March. The presentation showed how a user can move content to SharePoint libraries located on-premise or in the cloud from within the Outlook interface.

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Building a Business Case for Cloud Computing

I recently attended an interesting event in London with a Colligo partner, Content and Code, titled: Building a Business Case for Cloud Computing. The presentations, however, covered more ground than just cloud computing and I’ve noted some of the key themes and takeaways from the event below:

Cloud computing is on everyone’s agenda. All CxO’s are talking about the cloud because it’s in all the newspapers, on the television, and they are discussing it with their colleagues on the golf course and with their kids at home. “Cloud” has become a ubiquitous business term that everyone is using and it’s something that all IT related businesses need to address.

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SharePoint 2010 in the Spotlight at the AIIM/Info360 Conference

The Colligo team has just returned from the AIIM/Info360 conference in Washington, DC, where Colligo was exhibiting in the Microsoft pavilion and presenting as part of the SharePoint track. It was definitely an action packed 3 days and I’ve noted some personal highlights and general observations from the conference below:

Colligo’s booth in the Microsoft partner pavilion

Colligo was ideally positioned in the Microsoft partner pavilion and this definitely drove a lot of traffic to our booth. As always, there was tremendous amount of interest in SharePoint 2010 and we talked with many companies and agencies that now have actual funded projects to surround/augment/replace their legacy ECM/DMS/RM solutions with SharePoint 2010.

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Colligo Supports SharePoint Online, BPOS, & Office 365

No matter what you call it, hosted or cloud-based, <a title="sharepoint online services" href="/sharepoint-solutions/business/office-365-cloud/">SharePoint Online services</a> are becoming increasingly popular for organizations that want to take advantage of the features and capabilities of SharePoint, but don't want the overhead associated with managing an on-premise SharePoint installation. The benefits of cloud computing are many – lower hardware costs, simplified software deployment, and incredible scalability – to name a few.

With Microsoft's recent announcement of <a title="Office 365" href="/sharepoint-solutions/business/office-365-cloud/">Office 365</a> (the newest incarnation of BPOS, planned for rollout in 2011) and their renewed drive into the cloud computing market, organizations from large to small, will be looking at hosted or cloud based SharePoint as an alternative to on-premise.

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