Learn to remedy SharePoint Online implementations for governance and compliance in the world of modern work


How to Remediate Rushed SharePoint Online Implementations (and Get Compliant)

Wednesday, October 6, 8:00 am PDT/4:00 pm BST


Cloud adoption exploded during the pandemic, and two years’ worth of digital transformation happened in just two months, according to Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella. But if your organization is like most, quickly adopting new technology and remote models of work also meant some SharePoint Online (and Teams) implementations were rushed or hastily deployed.

As we enter the “next new normal” or world of “modern work,” now is a great time to remediate or circle back to fix those implementations to bring them in line with proper governance and compliance requirements.

Join us for How to Remediate Rushed SharePoint Online Implementations (and Get Compliant), a free one-hour webinar Wednesday, October 6 at 8:00 am PDT/4:00 pm BST to learn:

  • How to remediate some of the rushed deployments or shadow IT that emerged over the past two years
  • Quick and critical steps you can take to improve governance and compliance
  • Why metadata is important for governance and compliance as part of a records management program
  • How you can capture, auto-classify, discover, and share email and document using Colligo products
  • How to quantify the cost savings of improving filing and search efficiencies

Who should attend?

IT leaders, records managers, and/or individuals at organizations using Microsoft 365, including SharePoint Online, with regulatory or compliance requirements.


  • Tim Brady, CEO, Colligo
  • Roland Reddekop, Presale Engineer, Colligo
  • James Lawler, Director, Tricostar

Partners Tricostar and Colligo combine their expertise in information management and governance for SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Together, we offer a one-stop solution for companies needing to implement and adapt to the modern workplace.


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