SharePoint pairs with Colligo to serve a spirited solution for Pernod Ricard

How much Absolut vodka was sold in Russia in the past three months? Do New Yorkers prefer single-malt or blended scotch? How are whisky sales stacking up versus wine in India? These are critical statistics to know when you’re a major player in the Wine & Spirits sector.

Fortunately for Pernod Ricard, SharePoint extended with Colligo’s award-winning mobile content management solution fills in the blanks with up-to-the-minute data for busy executives on the go.

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Business Challenge

As owner of such renowned brands as Chivas Regal, Absolut Vodka, Martell & Mumm Champagne, Pernod Ricard is the world’s #2 in Wines & Spirits. Executives at Pernod Ricard – especially their CEO – spend a lot of time in the air travelling from France to APAC (Asia Pacific), the Americas and across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) region. It’s all in pursuit of better business. To meet with the field and understand what is happening in different geo-locations and how products are performing.

With daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports coming in country by country from various sources, Pernod Ricard was inundated with data.

“Before we installed SharePoint with Colligo, our CEO would search and then print the most relevant information on a particular region. Piles of paperwork got packed into his briefcase and carried on board the plane for him to review in flight. The challenge was that the local region might be looking at different reports, preparing for his arrival. It meant that time was wasted trying to get everyone on the same page.” Says David Lepicier, Business Intelligence Director, Pernod Ricard.

The CEO and other department heads needed current and accurate data at their fingertips by the time they reached their destinations so their time could be spent conducting efficient, productive meetings with regional office managers and sales teams.

For Pernod Ricard, the ability to access information while on the move was paramount to optimizing the valuable time executives and regional teams spent travelling and in meetings.

While their SharePoint platform is a rich repository of terabytes of data collected from multiple sources and systems around the organization, pairing SharePoint with Colligo has transformed how Pernod Ricard conducts their business.


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It is a case of “better together”, where Colligo has extended SharePoint with mobile content management capabilities including specific functions needed by the business for governance, auditing and reporting. Colligo Console enables business owners to deploy content and produce reports without the need to involve IT. Using Colligo Console, Lepicier’s team centrally controls the distribution of content to the native Colligo app on each Executive’s iPad.

“SharePoint as a platform was the right investment for us,” continued Lepicier. “But it was the addition of Colligo that really transformed how we operate.”

By creating templated reporting, Lepicier’s team has ensured that every region is always looking at the most current data in exactly the same format. “Because we have different systems around the world, before Colligo with SharePoint it was a challenge ensuring everyone was looking at the same data. But now when our regions prepare for a meeting with our CEO, they know they are seeing the same reports and data that our CEO is reviewing. Time isn’t wasted and teams are more confident because they are able to be completely prepared.”

What truly sets this software solution apart is that the information is accessible even offline. Colligo takes care of synching the right information to the right user. When busy executives step onto a plane and step off the grid, they can still open their iPad, knowing accurate information has been pushed to them for review.

So no matter where in the world they are, no matter if they’re connected or not, people can still be productive.

“When we started, our CEO said he wanted us to have the full project completed in only a few months,” said Lepicier. “We were able to complete the project in a few weeks and for less than $50,000. Colligo is a proven SharePoint partner, and it made our decision to select them easy.”


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“The Colligo Console is also a big benefit. We are not SharePoint specialists, nor do we want to be. But as business owners, we need to use SharePoint for visibility, reporting, to push content, manage functionality and manage the data. Colligo extends SharePoint functionality and provides additional business functions that we can manage from the Console without needing SharePoint admin rights.”

David Lepicier, Business Intelligence Director, Pernod Ricard.


How Colligo filled in the blanks for Pernod Ricard

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