Greater ROI, Better Productivity, and Improved Customer Service

"[Our users] love using Colligo. It’s really convenient"

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Northpower Drives Customer Satisfaction and Field Technician Productivity with Colligo iPad App

"We needed a solution that would ensure our field workers have the latest content - even when in remote areas where there is no connectivity. Colligo is fast, easy to work with, and content is available offline. Importantly, it is allowing our technicians to work more safely."

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The organization is now benefiting from all the advantages of a modern electronic email records management solution.

"Colligo has been a game changer for us. The biggest benefit is that our official correspondence is now securely and efficiently placed in a central repository that is available to the entire organization. It is now much easier for staff to find the information that they need."

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Benco Dental Increases Field Sales Productivity by 15% and SharePoint Adoption by 20% with Colligo

"With Colligo, our sales people are much more responsive, and also more productive, since they respond to each dentist’s questions on-site and don’t need office time later to catch up."

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Charter Communications centralizes records management and makes compliance transparent to users with Colligo and SharePoint

"We felt that the familiar, easy-to-use tools that SharePoint and Colligo provided would be readily accepted by users."

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Global 100 Law Firm Ensures Secure and Efficient Document Distribution with iPads, SharePoint and Colligo

"Colligo provides the most secure, robust and easy-to-use solution for accessing, syncing and viewing SharePoint content on an iPad."

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Infineum Revamps Enterprise-Wide Document Management and Collaboration with SharePoint and Colligo

"Colligo’s easy-to-use interface allowed for swift training times and quick adoption."

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National Grid Legal Department Improves Case Management and Knowledge Sharing with SharePoint and Colligo

"Colligo has enabled the National Grid legal department to leverage the power of SharePoint in a way that is familiar and seamless to our users"

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