Colligo Briefcase for Windows

Colligo Briefcase for Windows delivers a productive desktop experience for both offline and online SharePoint content management. It enables users to easily sync, view, edit, file, tag, and share SharePoint documents and list items with rich support for metadata – anytime, anywhere.

  • Sync SharePoint desktops & laptops for mobility & performance
  • Enable productive offline access
  • Edit files, lists, and metadata
  • Easy-to-use, familiar desktop interface
  • Drive enthusiastic SharePoint adoption
  • Alleviate slow connectivity to SharePoint
  • Replace network shares with SharePoint for document storage and collaboration

Colligo Briefcase for Windows drives SharePoint adoption by giving our professionals offline access to project information when travelling or working in the field.

– Bryan Scurfield, Global IT Officer, Practical Action


Colligo’s powerful sync technology ensures up-to-date content and optimal performance in the office, or on the road.

  • Locally synced SharePoint content delivers fast access, eliminating network latency
  • Automated 2-way sync, document check-in/check-out, and elegant conflict resolution
  • Sync specified documents, document sets, libraries, or entire sites
  • Ensure up-to-date content via automatic background sync based on startup, view, and configured time intervals
  • Offline viewing and editing, with full access to SharePoint features
  • 1-way sync option is available upon request


Powerful sync for up-to-date content


View SharePoint content without a browser, with full access to SharePoint’s capabilities.


  • View multiple SharePoint sites and site collections without a browser
  • Use SharePoint views to organize data even while offline
  • SharePoint metadata is shown as columns for easy metadata viewing and editing
  • SharePoint libraries and folders represented as folders in treeview
  • View standard and custom lists, such as events, issues, links, contacts, and tasks
  • Powerful desktop client, and Windows Explorer integration

View files and metadata easily


Edit whether connected or not, with easy conflict resolution when syncing.

  • Documents and document sets are easily opened, edited, and saved
  • Edit documents and metadata even when offline
  • Changes are synced to SharePoint once online
  • Allows users to open/save to SharePoint from any desktop application, not just Office applications

Save documents to SharePoint from any app


Drive SharePoint adoption and increase efficiency with excellent ease-of-use

  • Drag-and-drop files and folders between Windows and SharePoint, or between SharePoint sites
  • Access SharePoint right from within Windows Explorer
  • Supports filing to upload-only and offline locations (with visual indicator for each)
  • Supports filing for standard or custom SharePoint lists
  • Perform SharePoint actions such as document check-in / check-out via right-click

Drag-and-drop between sites and Windows


Rich metadata features ensure content gets tagged properly.

  • Custom metadata support for all major SharePoint metadata types, including content type, enterprise managed metadata (taxonomies and keywords), and person/group metadata
  • Support individual metadata tagging for multiple files upload

Rich metadata support


Effective sharing promotes enterprise-wide collaboration.

  • Copy SharePoint document URLs with fast right-click
  • Instant sharing of SharePoint content with background sync technology
  • Share document status by displaying whether files are checked out to yourself or another user

Easy sharing of docs as links

Colligo Contributor Pro

Need to manage email too? The perfect companion to Colligo Briefcase for Windows is Colligo Email Manager, bringing SharePoint content management directly into Outlook. Colligo Contributor Pro gives you both in one package.


  • Complete solution suite for email and document management in SharePoint
  • Both products in a single license for a great price
  • Same Colligo sync technology, so workers stay productive in the office and on the road

Colligo Administrator

Increase IT efficiency and reduce costs with centralized administration.


  • Centrally administer SharePoint sites, folders, and favorites
  • Support corporate governance initiatives with secure, centrally-enforced role- and policy-based SharePoint access
  • Ensure appropriate access with configuration on a per-user or departmental basis
  • Manage other web application URLs in groups according to business or project needs