The Colligo Engage Platform

Secure email capture and content sharing for the enterprise.

Central configuration

Centrally push out configuration settings for fast employee adoption.
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Policy management

Easily set and manage policies for large groups of users.
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Activity analysis and reporting

Audit and analyze user activities with the Colligo Console.
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Enterprise-grade security

Multi-layer enterprise security, including support of major MDM/MAM vendors.
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Central configuration

Centrally configure and push out access to SharePoint/Office 365 sites, libraries, folders, and favorites for thousands of users, across all their devices, with a single entry. Non-technical staff, such as records managers and other business owners, can also easily manage SharePoint access for various teams.

By simplifying access and syncing of relevant SharePoint content, users not only save time but they are also more likely to adopt Colligo/SharePoint for file sharing and collaboration.

Policy management

Support corporate governance through secure, centrally-enforced policy-based SharePoint access. Policies can be set at the content, device or user level.


  • Identify what content is allowed to be synced, edited or shared
  • Define which users are permitted to access or edit content
  • Set apps/devices to sync only when on Wi-Fi and not on costly cellular data connections.

Activity analysis

Colligo apps log all user activity and content changes to a secure Azure-based server. IT, records managers and other business owners can access server data through the Colligo Console to better understand user adoption and monitor compliance. None of the actual content is stored on the server and only activity data is made available for analysis and reporting.

Examples of reports that can be generated from Console data:

  • Engagement by department – number of activities, for example files uploaded
  • Governance – number of confidential documents synced to mobile devices
  • User compliance – syncing frequency and recency

Enterprise-grade security

As an enterprise-grade platform, Colligo Engage security meets the highest industry standards. Additionally, Colligo Engage leaves all content ‘in place’, on your enterprise systems, significantly reducing security breaches.

  • Passcode access to the Colligo app on mobile devices and auto-wiped cached content after 10 failed logins
  • Any stored data on mobile devices is encrypted with AES 256-bit hardware encryption
  • Encrypted SharePoint credential storage, with additional encryption applied to protect from jailbreak
  • App data is not backed up to iTunes or iCloud
  • Respects all SharePoint permissions and supports all SharePoint authentication methods
  • Integrates with all major MDM vendors to provide superior levels of security on mobile devices

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