Colligo Briefcase for Mac provides user access to SharePoint, Office 365, and OneDrive for Business from Mac Finder, facilitating collaboration and fostering compliance with records management and regulatory policies.


View any type of SharePoint/Office 365 content from the convenience of Mac Finder:

  • Preview files to find the right content, fast.
  • View SharePoint libraries as folders in Mac Finder.
  • View content even when offline through Mac Finder.
  • View multiple SharePoint sites and site collections.
  • View Outlook .msg files from within Mac Finder.
  • Checked in/out document indicator.




Edit files locally, online, or offline, and automatically sync back to SharePoint/Office 365:

  • Edit content even when offline (sync changes when online).
  • Check-in/check-out documents via easy right-click access.
  • Drag and drop emails, documents and folders to SharePoint through Mac Finder.
  • Copy and move files and folders between SharePoint sites from the convenience of Mac Finder.
  • Open from and save files to SharePoint from any desktop application, not just Office applications.
  • Open from and save files to OneDrive for Business within Mac Finder.
  • Open email attachments and save to SharePoint.


Colligo’s unique SmartSync technology automatically detects and resolves conflicts, making the most up-to-date content available to users at all times, even when they’re offline:

  • Synchronize automatically or manually to ensure access to the latest content.
  • Select which content is cached for offline access (at the site, library, folder, or document level) – this can be done centrally through Colligo Console or locally at the app level.
  • 2-way sync to SharePoint (upload and download content to/from SharePoint).
  • Keep SharePoint content offline for fast access.
  • Support for versioning on upload.




Streamline collaboration and meet compliance requirements with Colligo’s enterprise-strength metadata-tagging capabilities:

  • Automatically capture metadata.
  • Preview metadata fields.
  • Edit metadata fields during filing process.
  • Support for customized and managed metadata (taxonomies and keywords) and person/group metadata.
  • Support for content type.

Colligo Console

Colligo Console is the command center for data governance and mobile content management. It’s an essential included component of Colligo Email Manager for Outlook.

Take control of your content: Onboard users, deploy policy, ensure compliance, and report analytics.

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