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Email Management in SharePoint for O365, on Prem, and Hybrid


Businesses on Microsoft are continuously evaluating how to best manage content, share knowledge, and protect data privacy and security, all while supporting their modern workforce. Email management comprises an ever-expanding pool of data to be captured and governed.

Since Microsoft launched Office 365 and SharePoint out-of-the box retention and sensitivity labels, more and more organizations are moving towards simple data compliance for saving and classifying emails. Whether your organization uses SharePoint in the cloud, on premise, or in a hybrid environment, there are tools to help streamline email management to keep employees productive and capitalize on your SharePoint investment, you just need to consider potential obstacles up front.

Obstacles to Email Capture into SharePoint

Businesses need mastery over the knowledge shared across their organization, including email records and attachments. Some of the most common obstacles organizations face with email management and SharePoint include:

  • Employees spend most of their time in Outlook and often resist saving to SharePoint versus their old habit of saving emails and attachments to Outlook folders.
  • Even the most well thought out SharePoint library structures can be ineffective if emails and attachments aren’t captured and stored into them.
  • Slow user adoption of SharePoint. Despite the benefits of content management in SharePoint with superior search, classification and data compliance, the modern workforce can resist the platform instead demanding to work from Office apps, including on mobile devices.

Employees are often brought into better content search and sharing capabilities but can resist using SharePoint in a conventional way.

Value of Effective Email Management with SharePoint

Effective email management using SharePoint requires letting employees capture knowledge right from their inbox. With the right email management in place companies can improve knowledge management and data compliance, plus members of teams have complete, fast access to knowledge to better perform:

  • Customer service teams fully understand buyer needs to improve service.
  • Executives and project leaders have complete knowledge for accurate planning, budgeting and billing.
  • Sales teams can win bids by being responsiveness to prospect total needs.
  • Legal teams can save time and costs with rapid legal discovery and response.
  • And, the company protects its intelligence as employees depart or retire.

Colligo Email Manager for Office 365

Colligo Email Manager for Office 365, unlocks content collaboration with seamless email capture, classification and tagging right from Outlook into SharePoint. By bringing SharePoint right into Outlook, Colligo lets employees take the path of least resistance and delivers efficient search and sharing of knowledge.

With Colligo Email Manager for Office 365 workers can:

  • Save and file emails to SharePoint without leaving Outlook on Office 365.
  • Automatically add metadata and additional tags with “label as you store” convenience.
  • Search and access files without going to SharePoint.
  • Add retention and sensitivity labels to support data compliance.

Colligo Email Manager for Office

Colligo Email Manager for Office is an on-premise email capture solution that streamlines email capture from Outlook into SharePoint, also useful for businesses with a hybrid environment.

With Colligo Email Manager for Outlook on premise workers can:

  • Save and file emails to SharePoint without leaving Outlook.
  • Drag and drop emails with instant metadata capture.
  • Search and access files without going to SharePoint.

Complete Outlook Email Management with SharePoint

Colligo is the backbone of effective email management with SharePoint, empowering employees to work from Outlook the way they already do while supporting corporate knowledge management and information governance goals. Every Colligo email management application supports:

  • Knowledge & record capture from anywhere.
  • Mobile integration.
  • Instant capture of multiple emails & attachments.
  • On-the-go ease to save and share links to SharePoint.

The email management solution you need today may not be what you need tomorrow.

Request a trial and find out how Colligo can help your organization with SharePoint email management in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid set-up – and as your IT environment evolves.

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