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OK. Some very encouraging posts out there on Version 2.0. Ssahmed did a great review of Colligo Reader on his “All About SharePoint” blog. I really appreciate his followup comment:

Colligo Reader is an excellent product.

Dustin Hannifin did an extensive review of Colligo Contributor on Dustin’s Tech Notes. I was particularly pleased with the introductory paragraph:

If you’re looking for true bi-directional synchronization of Sharepoint sites, including MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0, then Colligo for Sharepoint is the best solution available on the market today. I have tested a couple of competitor products and none come close to stacking up to Colligo for Sharepoint.

Mart Muller also mentioned the release on Tam Tam Weblogs.

Thanks to all for posting. Sorry for the blatant promotion, but I’m really excited to see that the reaction has been strong. It’s kind of like giving birth. I hope to see some other reviews over the next week as well.


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