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Colligo Sync Technology Provides Performance and Mobility across the Enterprise

Vancouver, BC, April 16, 2013 – Colligo Inc., the leader in enterprise collaboration, today announces the launch of Colligo Email Manager 6.0 and Colligo Briefcase 6.0 for Windows, a complete solution for SharePoint that is the first Windows product to integrate email management, document collaboration and enterprise sync in a single package. This launch is the latest step in achieving Colligo’s vision to support enterprise collaboration and sync everywhere, on any device.

The new products announced are:

  • Colligo Email Manager 6.0 – a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that seamlessly integrates Colligo’s caching technology with its scalable email management technology, extending email management across the enterprise to any Windows desktop or mobile device, in any environment: be it online, offline or virtual desktop;
  • Colligo Briefcase 6.0 for Windows – a rich client application that syncs SharePoint content to Windows desktops, laptops and tablets so users enjoy a high performance experience online or offline;
  • Colligo Contributor Pro 6.0 – a bundle consisting of Colligo Email Manager 6.0 and Colligo Briefcase 6.0 for Windows so customers can deploy a single solution to all users;
  • As a full enterprise solution, customers can utilize Colligo Administrator for easy deployment and consistent management of SharePoint access to Colligo apps, across major platforms and devices.

“Colligo have made a solid move to secure their brand equity in providing secure, user friendly and device agnostic solutions for SharePoint”, says Alan Pelz-Sharpe Research Director at 451 Research. “As such we continue to follow Colligo with interest as they build out their solutions for social and mobile content”.

Since users now demand the ability to access SharePoint on a range of desktop and mobile devices, enterprise data synchronization is a key requirement for successful collaboration solutions. Colligo Email Manager 6.0 and Colligo Briefcase 6.0 for Windows utilize Colligo’s SharePoint synchronization technology – proven with thousands of customers – that provides authentication, security, local encrypted caching, version control, and robust conflict resolution that ensures users can access their files and social content everywhere.

“Consolidating our core competencies into feature-rich products, and expanding that availability across multiple devices, makes for compelling solutions that our customers have asked for,” says Barry Jinks, CEO, Colligo. “Our mission is to enable enterprise collaboration everywhere, so we remain focused on people-centered solutions in mobility, email management, records management, and compliance. The 6.0 releases are the right tools for our customers to further succeed in these disciplines.”

“Colligo is one of Microsoft LCA’s key SharePoint partners,” says Holly Hanna, Program Manager, Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs. “Colligo has worked with us throughout the development of SharePoint 2013, and Contributor 6.0 provides a valuable solution for managing email in our Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 environments in LCA.”

Colligo is making it easy for end users to gain current, useable access to their SharePoint content, whether they are online in the office or offline working on the road. Colligo solves essential enterprise and user challenges, and leads the way in providing a complete SharePoint collaboration solution for companies in the following ways:

  • Mobility: This release rounds out the product line which includes Colligo Briefcase for iOS tablet, and phone, providing users the ability to file, tag, view sync, and edit content online and offline on a variety of desktop and mobile devices.
  • Usability: Colligo’s products provide a full-featured user interface with a focus on performance and context, be it on a desktop, laptop or a tablet. Colligo makes it easy to file, tag, find, view, sync, and share emails, files and attachments, increasing user adoption of SharePoint as a collaboration and social platform.
  • Security and Control: Increased use of Colligo’s products reduces overall company risk, and improves compliance and records retention. For companies looking for centralized configuration and management, Colligo Administrator supports governance initiatives with secure, role- and policy-based SharePoint access and allows companies to easily manage access and settings across all devices and apps.
  • Platform support: Colligo understands that organizations do not upgrade to the latest Microsoft OS or applications immediately, and may even run different departments on different operating systems. As such, the new products provide a wide range of deployment options. All support SharePoint 2010, SharePoint2013 and SharePoint Online (Office 365), so users can access their content on-premises or in the cloud. MS Office versions supported include Office 2007, 2010, and 2013 (32-bit and 64-bit). The applications can be deployed to Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 PCs and tablets, including Microsoft Surface Pro.

Product Availability and Pricing
Colligo Contributor Pro 6.0, Colligo Email Manager 6.0, and Colligo Briefcase 6.0 for Windows are available immediately and can be purchased from the Colligo store at For more information on pricing, partners and customers should contact and

About Colligo
Colligo is the leader in enterprise SharePoint collaboration. Our award-winning, unified solution suite is used by over 5000 organizations worldwide to increase productivity, streamline collaboration, and improve compliance, by delivering a consistent, secure experience across desktop and mobile devices. Colligo is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with Global 500 customers including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Novartis, Kraft Foods, General Motors, and Siemens. For more information, please visit

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