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iPad users can share content between SharePoint, Office 365, DropBox, Box, Google Drive iCloud and OneDrive for Business from a Single Screen.

Vancouver, BC, June 26, 2015 – Colligo, the leading provider of data synchronization solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and OneDrive for Business, today announces the release of the Colligo Engage iOS App v7.1. With this newest version, iPad users can now easily copy content between SharePoint, Office 365 and popular cloud file repositories, such as Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive for Business all from within the Colligo Engage app.

The integration of additional data repositories is one of many new features in the Colligo Engage iOS App v7.1, which also includes the ability to share links to cached files amongst Colligo Engage users, and mobile application management (MAM) from the Colligo Engage Console. The new release fully supports Apple iOS 8.

“Our customers are SharePoint and Office 365 IT leaders who’ve acknowledged that 3rd party solutions are a mandatory component for accelerating adoption of their system. The new release of the Colligo Engage iOS App further eases the adoption path for users and provides additional administrative tools for IT to manage their Colligo Engage apps effectively,” comments Barry Jinks, CEO of Colligo. “With the latest version of Colligo Engage, we’re truly driving the single-screen user experience, helping them access and share all of their useful files from one location to get their work done.”

First App to Integrate SharePoint/Office 365 with Cloud File Storage 

Using familiar iOS functionality, content can now be moved between SharePoint/Office 365 and Dropbox, iCloud, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive for Business easily and securely. This is the first app of its kind to offer this important capability. By enabling users to connect directly to their content stores, they are able to access and share documents without having to switch apps. In the future, we’re going to contextualize this multi-source content for the user so she or he has a much clearer picture of the data they use and what they need most,” adds Dan Mills, Colligo Chief Technology Officer.

Collaborating on SharePoint Content 

With the ability to share links to cached versions of files, iPad and iPhone users can simply follow a Colligo Engage hyperlink to access synced resources from SharePoint locations they have permissions to.

“This feature means big productivity gains for mobile users who are often in the field or without internet connectivity,” comments Ben Henderson, Senior Product Manager at Colligo. “A Colligo Engage user can have instant access to a SharePoint resource without having to search or navigate to find it. All they  need is the Colligo Engage hyperlink which could be in an email from a colleague or embedded in a document, for example, then click and open.”

Mobile Application Management with the Colligo Engage Console 

The Colligo Engage Console gives administrators the tools to centrally manage Colligo Engage app configurations and policy settings. Moreover, it enables passcode enforcement, controlling the permissible content on the device and the applications that can be used with it.

Colligo Engage iOS App v7.1 Availability 

The Colligo Engage iOS App version 7.1 is available immediately from Colligo and its partners. For more information, please contact:

Media contacts, product reviewers, bloggers, and SharePoint/Office 365 MVPs interested in additional information about Colligo Engage, including securing review copies or interviews, should contact Asa Zanatta.

Feature Demos of Colligo Engage iOS App v7.1 

The intuitive functionality of the new features is demonstrated in these short videos:

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