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This is more Barry’s area of discussion, but I was reading Dustin’s Tech Notes this morning and it really struck a nerve.

You may find it funny that in our “wired world” I have two posts in 1 day related to experiencing online applications, offline. Call me old school or just plain lazy but sometimes I don’t want to open my VPN Client and remote into work to edit a document. And course almost everyone has experienced free high speed internet service that performs like dial-up. Hotels will remain nameless here. The whole “take it with you” concept has become a standard for technologies like email and now even collaboration (See Colligo Post). Well why shouldn’t the same idea apply to blogs and other RSS feeds?

Read the rest of the post, Reading Blog’s Offline.

The last two Business trips I was on, in both cases my hotel’s high speed connections were not working. As Dustin mentions these days you can take a lot off line, it’s that last 20% of items, like getting and sending new emails and your RSS feeds that makes it so very frustrating….

Cheers, Tony
Anthony A. van Houten
Senior Consultant, Applications
Colligo networks, Inc

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