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Matthias Bandemer, Ernst & Young

Matthias Bandemer, Ernst & Young

Our recent webinar, “The iPad Invasion: Leveraging SharePoint for Mobile Enterprise Security” was a huge success with nearly 3000 registrations from around the world. If you didn’t get a chance to attend the live event, you can now view the on-demand version.

In the webinar, mobile device security expert Matthias Bandemer from Ernst & Young, discussed the security challenges presented by mobile devices in the workplace. Matthias was joined by Colligo’s CEO, Barry Jinks, and Director of Product Management, Trevor Dyck, who provided valuable insight on integrating iPads into an enterprise SharePoint environment and how to securely access and store SharePoint content on an iPad using Colligo Briefcase.

During the event, we received many good questions from the audience. All of the questions along with their answers are provided below:

Does Colligo Briefcase support InfoPath forms/form entry?

In the current version of Colligo Briefcase, form entry is not supported. This is planned to be available in a future release.

What versions of SharePoint does Colligo Briefcase work with?

Colligo Briefcase supports SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2010 Online (Office 365), and SharePoint 2007.

How is the data wiped? Is it recoverable? Is the data backed up right before the remote wipe?

The data is not recoverable, but Colligo Briefcase can be re-installed and the data can be synced again. Because the data is read-only, there is no need to back it up and no new data is lost during the wipe. All the data is always stored in SharePoint so there is no actual loss of content. The wipe is intended to ensure there is no access to data on the iPad when it has been lost or stolen.

Using Colligo Briefcase, can you access the items inside a SharePoint document library without syncing the content locally?

Yes you can. If you’re online and using Colligo Briefcase to access SharePoint, you do not need to cache that content in order to access it. However, you will be downloading the content live, so depending on how you’re connected to SharePoint and the size of the file, it will affect the speed that you are able to access the content. If you’ve added the document library to Briefcase but have not cached the contents of that library, when you’re offline, you’ll still be able to see the items headers in the document library, but you won’t be able to actually view the item. As a side note, with Colligo Administrator, you can centrally turn on or off the document libraries a user can cache on their iPad, which is another nice security feature.

If a staff member uses Dropbox to move corporate content to their iPad and then leaves the company, is there a way for an IT manager to delete that corporate content from their Dropbox account?

That question really hits the nail on the head regarding the use of the public cloud to transfer files to a mobile device. Short of a court order, I don’t think there is any way for a company to delete content that’s sitting on a person’s Dropbox account, since the account owner of the Dropbox account is also the owner of the content, as per the Dropbox terms of service. Once that corporate information is on the public cloud, it’s beyond the control of IT and the organization.

Can you disable the ability to capture screenshots on the iPad?

Colligo Briefcase cannot disable the ability to capture screenshots on the iPad.  This is a function of iOS. We believe that since it is user-initiated, the security risk is very limited.

However, related to screen capture, is a feature of Colligo Briefcase that it blanks the screen during app switching. There is a small security gap inherent in the iPad when switching between apps. Blanking the screen when switching apps stops a rogue app from automatically (and unknowingly to the user) taking a screen capture.

This is different from allowing a user initiated screen capture as by its nature, the user is aware that they are taking a screen capture. The Colligo Briefcase feature stops a rogue or malicious app from taking a screen capture without the user’s knowledge during the critical period when a user is changing apps.

Does the link open it in the iPad app or SharePoint?

We assume here that you mean the link (URL) that can be sent using the “Send as Link…” feature. This is simply a URL, so if the recipient clicks the link it will open it in the browser of whichever device they receive it on (PC, Mac, iPad, etc.).

Can Colligo Briefcase sync with SharePoint, when SharePoint is published through forefront UAG (United Access Gateway) or TMG (Threat Management Gateway)?

Yes.  We have tested with UAG and plan to test with TMG in the near future.

So you need to have two different products just to “sync” documents between a mobile device and a laptop/desktop?

Yes.  Colligo Briefcase syncs between SharePoint and your iPad. Colligo Contributor syncs between SharePoint and your PC.

Does Briefcase integrate with Boxtone MDM? Or Colligo Administrator?

There is no integration required. Colligo Briefcase and Colligo Administrator are compatible with any MDM that provides app deployment.

Why are there are limits on certain versions? Do you run the data through a cloud infrastructure?

The limits on Colligo Briefcase Lite are in place so users can experience the product without having to purchase it first.

The data is downloaded directly from the SharePoint server; no third-party program is used. The solution is completely client-side, nothing is required to be installed in SharePoint.

I’m not seeing any managed metadata navigation on the free app, is that part of the Colligo Briefcase product?

Managed Metadata (taxonomies) are supported in Colligo Briefcase.  Because all the data synced through Colligo Briefcase is read-only, only the managed metadata fields that have been selected in SharePoint are displayed. When we add two-way sync support, the other managed metadata choices will be viewable.

Does SharePoint need to be published externally or would this work with a VPN connection?

SharePoint does not need to be published externally. Colligo Briefcase supports VPN connections as well as ForeFront UAG for external connectivity to on-premise SharePoint.

Can Colligo Administrator be used when you have SharePoint Online deployed thru Office 365 or will it only work for an on premise SharePoint install

Colligo Administrator can be used with SharePoint Online as well as on-premise SharePoint.

Do you support iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows 8?

Colligo is always investing in our product line and we plan to support other devices in the future. Please contact Colligo Sales directly to discuss your needs.

If I open a SharePoint stored document in an iPad app such as DocsToGo, can I edit the document and save the changes back to SharePoint via Briefcase?

Currently, Colligo Briefcase is a read-only product – it is designed primarily for content consumption.

Two-way sync, including the functionality mentioned in the question is planned for the next major release. Please contact Colligo Sales directly for specifics and timing.

How do you secure users/iPads that are not members of your enterprise? We have external clients that access our SharePoint sites.

Users outside the enterprise can purchase a Briefcase license and access any SharePoint sites and content that they have permissions for. If they can access the sites through a browser they can access the sites through Colligo Briefcase.

Those users can then be removed from access and their data wiped from their device when they stop working with your company.

How does the enterprise product get deployed to users?  Do they need to be connected to an Exchange Server using ActiveSync?

There are several deployment options, depending on your company size and infrastructure. If you have an MDM in place, you can deploy by setting up an Enterprise App Store in the MDM. If you don’t have an MDM in place, Colligo can assist you in setting up enterprise application deployment hosted on your server or on our servers.

Is there access to SharePoint search from Colligo Briefcase, so you can then download?

Colligo Briefcase allows you to search the content that you have synced to the iPad. Online search of SharePoint is planned for a future release.

Can you turn off caching completely so NO documents can be stored locally?

Yes. Individual users can set their own sync settings and use the “No Sync, Browse Only” setting, which means nothing is cached.

Does Colligo Briefcase support custom file types?

A list of supported file types is available in the Briefcase User Guide on the Colligo web site. File types not in this list can still be synced, however preview is not supported in that case. Those unsupported files can still be opened in other applications using the “Open In…” functionality.

If you have a question about a specific file type, feel free to contact Colligo Sales.

Are all column/field types supported (especially BDC/BCS column/field types)?

Yes, all metadata types are supported including BCS.

Regarding Colligo desktop, does it experience any problems in accessing InfoPath forms?

Colligo Contributor (our desktop/offline product) supports InfoPath forms.

How does Colligo allow an employee to securely access SharePoint from their home PC?

Colligo has several PC based products, including the Colligo Contributor suite and Colligo Email Manager. These products all allow secure access from a home PC by allowing connection through a VPN and through SharePoint credentials. With Colligo Contributor, content is stored encrypted in the local cache on the user’s home PC. When SharePoint access is removed, the content is removed from the user’s PC.  With Email Manager, no content is cached on the user’s PC.

How about approval workflows?

Colligo Briefcase does not support workflow in this release.

Does Colligo Briefcase allow for SharePoint webpage editing on the iPad?

Colligo Briefcase provides read-only access to the content on the SharePoint sites you have permissions for. You cannot edit SharePoint pages from Colligo Briefcase.

Is there any way to globally hide the non-user libraries/lists such as Style Library, Form Templates, etc.

Individual users choose which libraries are displayed, but there is currently no way to globally hide specific libraries across an enterprise. However, the following libraries are not synced by default: Site Pages, Site Assets, Style Library, and Form Library.

Our SharePoint deployment is within our corporate network with no extranet.  What is the process of access our internal network?

There are several methods to provide external access to SharePoint. The first is using VPN access, which your company may already have setup. The iPad has native support for VPN access to SharePoint. Users would first setup VPN access on their iPad, then connect to SharePoint using their normal SharePoint credentials.

The other option is to use Forefront UAG, a Microsoft product, as a gateway to provide external access to SharePoint.

Do you support any file encryption software? If the file is encrypted within SharePoint and the client needs to encrypt that file before he can use it.

If files are encrypted using a third party tool, they would need to be decrypted using a 3rd party application on the iPad.  This could be achieved by exporting the file from Colligo Briefcase using the “Open In” feature to the decryption application on iPad.

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