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On October 23rd, in conjunction with Windows IT Pro and Office & SharePoint Pro, we held an online webinar called “from Portals to Offline Knowledge Management – a Crowe Chizek Case Study”. This event was extremely well attended with almost 800 registrants. It highlighted how Crowe Chizek and Company LLC, one of the top 10 U.S. accounting firms, has deployed SharePoint for multiple business applications, while providing their mobile professionals with a consistent user experience both online and offline using Colligo Contributor.

The main speaker is Cornelius J. van Dyk, Microsoft SharePoint MVP & SharePoint Architect at Crowe Chizek. To learn more about Corne, check out his blog.

This isn’t a sales pitch… it goes through how Crowe Chizek started with portals, but is today using SharePoint for project management, client extranets, knowledge management, team sites, and more. Corne shares his experiences as his firm continues to evolve their SharePoint implementation. It also goes through their trial of Colligo Contributor and talks about the benefits they are gaining from the product.

If you are interested in seeing a replay of the webinar, you can go here. You may also find the case study interesting.


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