Colligo NewsUpcoming Webinar – How SharePoint 2010 Changes the Metadata Game

Daniel Kogan

We really excited to be partnering again with Microsoft for another webinar on December 1, 2010. This webinar features Daniel Kogan, Senior Program Manager for SharePoint ECM and Microsoft’s top metadata guru who will discuss the new metadata capabilities of SharePoint 2010, including the new content types and taxonomy service, and how they can be used to enhance productivity and unlock new business potentials and scenarios.

In this SharePoint 2010 webinar, you”ll learn:

– How to build an end-to-end pipeline/infrastructure for metadata

– New ways to take advantage of managed taxonomies

– Ways to leverage the new content types syndicated model

– Tips to support email management & auto metadata mapping

– Strategies to increase tagging with SharePoint client solutions

to learn how SharePoint 2010 can be used to provide more consistent metadata, shared taxonomies, and policy compliance throughout the enterprise. Daniel will also discuss how these services integrate with search and social computing.

To learn how SharePoint 2010 and Colligo client solutions can take the metadata game to the next level in your enterprise, register today for this webinar.

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