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With the deluge of mobile devices into the enterprise comes an IT nightmare of new dimensions. Expectations have changed. IT policies need to adapt to fit the new generation of workers, yet the requirements for security of corporate data remain. Meeting these conflicting needs is a delicate balancing act.

The majority of large organizations have significant investments in SharePoint and rely on it as a secure enterprise content management system. But SharePoint has suffered a reputation of being impractical for many users, even more so for those working from remote offices or on the road. Independent SharePoint mobility solutions have filled the gap to unshackle SharePoint from the office but not all solutions are created equal.

Here are 5 features for IT to consider in their quest to empower mobile workers:

1. Centralized configuration of user settings

No matter how easy a mobile SharePoint client app may be to use, employees should not be burdened with configuring their own settings. Administrators need the ability to centrally configure and push out SharePoint sites to groups of users in a single stroke, with zero user interaction.

2. Controlled access to SharePoint content

It goes without saying that SharePoint access must be controlled. For mobile SharePoint applications, IT must be able to specify exactly which sites can be accessed by each user or group. It also needs the power to expire content or remote wipe the cache on a user’s mobile device.

3. Control over content sharing

Simplifying sharing of files is a double-edged sword. It can potentially invite leakage of sensitive corporate content, often inadvertently. IT needs the power to restrict what can be shared externally.

4. Flexibility over what and when to sync

A mobile SharePoint solution would be quite useless without timely syncing of offline content. IT must look for a solution that provides flexibility in sync settings – manual or automated according to a schedule. A good solution will also offer the ability to select different sync intervals for different types of content. And to keep costs down, the solution should allow for disabling sync over cellular networks.

5. Unified management of desktop and mobile users

IT should consider a mobile SharePoint solution that is also available for desktop PC’s and Mac’s. Managing all users from a single administration console can provide many advantages.

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