Colligo NewsStrong Demand Continues for SharePoint Clients

On Wednesday, Colligo reported an 86% increase in revenues in Q3 2007 over Q3 2006. The main driver continues to be Colligo Contributor for SharePoint, sales of which have increased over 3000% year to date over 2006. We did a bit analysis and it looks like Contributor is now used by over 400 companies. Wheh, this is growing faster than we thought.

I liked this quote from Tony Rizzo, Sector Head of Mobile Software at the 451 Group (OK so, I’m biased):

“We like to think of Colligo as a spunky vendor that has found a position that allows it to leverage some hard-won expertise in the SharePoint offline marketplace. Colligo’s strength is in the quality of its product and platform offering. The offline client clearly delivers a significant productivity gain for users, enough so that desktop users also want the services provided. In turn, that generates multiple points of strong demand.”

Thanks Tony!

Excuse the blatant promotion here, but I’m pretty happy to see our baby finally becoming the success we hoped it would be…You can read the full press release here.

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