Colligo News“SharePoint Transformed” – a New Field Guide for Digital Workplace Heroes

It’s a big leap from focusing on your employee intranet portal to building a high-performing digital workplace that delivers real value. The potential benefits, however, are numerous and well worth the effort – helping your organization improve alignment of business goals, technology, and measurements to gain a competitive advantage. But it’s not easy. Gartner warns:

“The risks of not embracing IT consumerization and mobile collaboration are twofold. On the one hand, a business that enables its workforce to collaborate better will have an efficiency and innovation advantage over one that does not. But on the other hand, levels of collaboration can actively deteriorate in organizations that make poor attempts to modernize their systems.”

For Digital Workplace Heroes, taking the transformation leap and getting it right the first time can be challenging. In an effort to help, I recently collaborated with Christian Buckley, Microsoft MVP and CEO of CollabTalk, to bring you a new field guide: “SharePoint Transformed – A Game Plan for Digital Workplace Heroes.” We co-authored this guide as a practical resource for leadership teams, collaboration managers, and other business and technical leads who have been tasked with moving their company from functional collaboration toward a truly digital workplace.

The vision for the digital workplace is an organization that is:

At Colligo, we have found that there is a common driving force behind every successful business transformation – a Digital Workplace Hero. In this role, your goal should be to streamline, modernize, and transform your internal systems and business practices, improving customer, partner, and employee experiences. As the leading Intranet solution, SharePoint often sits at the center of many digital workplace initiatives, providing most of the core collaboration and communication capabilities that your organization needs. However, shifting to a digital workplace is as much about process alignment and cultural change as it is about technology. In the words for Christian Buckley,

“Collaboration may power the digital workplace, but achieving your collaboration goals takes more than technology – it requires close attention to how the technology aligns with your business processes and collaboration culture.”

In our new guide, Christian and I explore this topic, discuss 3 forces driving your business transformation, and recommend 3 steps to becoming a digital workplace hero. I invite you to read the guide today and to share your own best practices and digital workplace successes below!

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