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SharePoint Services division is open for business!

I’m happy to announce the introduction of Colligo’s new SharePoint Services division. Our services, in conjunction with Colligo’s solutions, are designed to enable organizations that are adopting SharePoint and Colligo to minimize the impact to end users, and maximize the ROI on their investment.

For the past eight years, Colligo has provided professional services to our customers, so our “new” division isn’t so much new as formalized. We’ve worked closely with thousands of business leaders, technology professionals, and end users during this time, helping them to extend SharePoint to better address their collaboration, content management, and mobility requirements.

It’s this experience we’re drawing from to offer services engagements for SharePoint mobility and BYOD strategies and implementation; best practices for structuring information and metadata to support compliance and discoverability; evaluation, customization, configuration and deployment packages; and end user and administrator training.

I’ve witnessed incredible growth in SharePoint during my three years with Colligo, and in my previous position at Capgemini, where I created successful business change programs for SharePoint. I know from experience that a professionally-managed deployment is the most effective way to ensure a successful project. And that means making sure the solution solves the business challenges for the organization in a way that end users and senior managers will both embrace.

As the leader of this division, my role, and all of our projects, are highly focused on the business change you want to achieve. If you have a need to simplify change management, maximize end user productivity, and drive SharePoint adoption across your organization, let me know. I’d be happy to help.

Ben Henderson, Manager, SharePoint Services

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