Colligo NewsSharePoint 2010 in the Spotlight at the AIIM/Info360 Conference

The Colligo team has just returned from the AIIM/Info360 conference in Washington, DC, where Colligo was exhibiting in the Microsoft pavilion and presenting as part of the SharePoint track. It was definitely an action packed 3 days and I’ve noted some personal highlights and general observations from the conference below:

Colligo’s booth in the Microsoft partner pavilion

Colligo was ideally positioned in the Microsoft partner pavilion and this definitely drove a lot of traffic to our booth. As always, there was tremendous amount of interest in SharePoint 2010 and we talked with many companies and agencies that now have actual funded projects to surround/augment/replace their legacy ECM/DMS/RM solutions with SharePoint 2010.

The overall message from the people that we talked with at the booth was that SharePoint 2010’s feature set is sufficient to address their requirements, the platform is flexible enough to be extended to cover off the deltas, and the economics are overwhelmingly favourable.

Microsoft’s presentation featuring Colligo’s support for Office 365

In a Microsoft presentation, Nishan DeSilva and Carol Corneby of the Legal and Corporate Affairs Group talked about their department’s award-winning deployment of SharePoint 2010 for records management. Colligo‘s support for the Office 365 was featured as part of their very well attended presentation.  We announced our Office 365 support via a press release (which you can read here) and our “first to market” status on Office 365 created a lot of buzz at the conference.

Other SharePoint track presentations

Colligo Networks – Barry Jinks, our President and CEO, did an excellent presentation on email management in SharePoint.  Barry put the “email management problem” into context from an enterprise perspective and explained the rational for why organizations need to manage all enterprise content (including email) in SharePoint. Of course, he did a great job of demonstrating the Colligo Contributor product suite with its seamless integration of Outlook and SharePoint, including our Office 365 support.

GimmalSoft – Mike Alsup & Brad Teed provided a great overview of records management in SharePoint, the Microsoft ecosystem from a records management perspective, and demonstrated the GimmalSoft Compliance Suite which provides DoD 5015.2 compliant records management in a native SharePoint environment. Colligo is providing the email management component of the GimmalSoft Compliance Suite and we were pleased to see the positive reception to their native SharePoint solution. Read our GimmalSoft press release here.

FileTrail – Jim Petty from FileTrail shared the stage with Dan Vasey from Charter Communications who did an excellent job of framing the issues around delivering both electronic and physical records management in SharePoint. Dan and his team spent a great deal of time understanding their organizational issues from a “people perspective” as much as from a technology standpoint. This was reflected in how they developed and deployed their solution by “trying to get into people’s daily lives”, “focusing on the end user perspective”, and dedicating resources to employee awareness, training, and change management. Read our FileTrail press release here.

Congratulations to Russ Edelman from Corridor Consulting for his AIIM Fellowship Award. It’s some well-deserved recognition for his tremendous contributions to the community over the years.  As always, AIIM put on a well organized conference that featured some excellent speakers and presentations. I’d also like to give a big thanks to all the folks at Microsoft for hosting us in their pavilion.

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