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I just got my June edition paper copy of Redmond Magazine and noticed a nice mention of Colligo on page 12 in Executive Editor Lafe Low’s “The Low Down” column. I subsequently found it on the web.

I’m pleased that he recognized the power of the Outlook integration that Colligo Contributor 2.1 brings to SharePoint users.


Share and Share Alike
Archiving e-mails and documents is a requirement in this world of regulatory compliance. Just keeping them in a massive digital shoebox won’t do you much good when it comes time to retrieve or manage all those files.

Using SharePoint as a repository works well, but you can’t just drag and drop documents to store them, work with discrete message properties like message addresses and subject lines as SharePoint metadata, classify content for search purposes or sort and filter metadata — or can you? Colligo Networks Inc. is pumping up SharePoint with a new e-mail content management system that’s an Outlook add-in called Colligo Contributor. It will perform all the above functions and organize your content without leaving Outlook. Sharing with SharePoint just got better.

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