Colligo NewsOn-Demand Webinar – How SharePoint 2010 Changes the Metadata Game

Daniel Kogan

Our recent webinar with Daniel Kogan, Microsoft’s Senior Program Manager for SharePoint ECM on “” set a new record with almost 3000 SharePoint Professionals registering for this event. The feedback from attendees has been excellent and here is your chance to view the on-demand version. There is really no doubt that the new metadata features introduced with SharePoint 2010 lies at the heart of what makes SharePoint great.

In the webinar, Daniel went over many of the key scenarios for why it’s important for people to apply metadata, namely governance, management, consistency and standardization. Daniel also detailed and demoed the new metadata features for SharePoint 2010 including the enterprise managed metadata service, enterprise keywords, the taxonomy and hierarchy management tool, and the new functionality for social tagging and folksonomy. As well, Daniel discussed the new content type syndication model for SharePoint 2010 and showed the power behind this relatively simple feature.

But rather than just talking about his presentation and demo, I invite you to view the on-demand webinar.

Thanks to Daniel for taking the time to create some excellent content for this webinar and also congratulations on setting a new webinar record. We’ve held four very successful webinars this year with key Microsoft people, either working in the SharePoint ECM Group or responsible for deploying SharePoint and Colligo Contributor in Microsoft, and I’d like to say thanks to everyone for their ongoing support and we look forward to more great events next year.

View the on-demand webinar here.

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