Colligo NewsOn-Demand Webinar Available: Best Practices for Project & Email Management for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Firms

Mark Beckmann

Richard Grove

Colligo held another very successful webinar recently, this time on Best Practices for Project & Email Management for Architecture, Engineering, & Construction (AEC) firms.  The AEC industry is very important to Colligo, as AEC firms have been among the leading adopters of SharePoint for document, email, and project management.  AEC firms are increasingly choosing SharePoint to improve knowledge management, professional service delivery, and client satisfaction.

Our guest speakers for this event included Mark Beckmann, the Professional Services Industry Partner Manager for Microsoft and Richard Grove, who’s the Senior Project Manager, Technology for Webcor Builders in California. Colligo’s own Ed Kaczor also participated and answered a numbered of questions at the end of the webinar.

Mark provided an excellent overview of some of the business challenges that are driving AEC firms to deploy SharePoint and how SharePoint enables firms to gain a competitive advantage in their industry.  Richard talked about how Webcor’s project team use SharePoint and Colligo Contributor for email records management. He also discussed some of the things to consider when deploying SharePoint and how to drive end user adoption of the solution. Ed concluded the webinar with  a discussion of Colligo’s SharePoint client solutions and how they add value to AEC firms by integrating Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint, providing offline access to SharePoint content (very important in the AEC market with staff working at remote job sites), and integrating other business applications to SharePoint.

AEC firms are facing greater project complexity and more competition than ever before, making effective project management and team collaboration top priorities with CIOs and IT managers. If you’re an architecture, engineering or construction firm looking at deploying SharePoint or interested in getting the most out of an existing SharePoint deployment, I invite you to view the on-demand version of this webinar.

A special thanks to Mark Beckmann and Richard Grove for their contribution and excellent presentations. View the on-demand webinar here.

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