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Ryan Duguid Microsoft

Our recent webinar, “Unleashing SharePoint 2010 for Records Management, Governance and Compliance,” was not only a huge success, but set a new record for SharePoint webinars. Nearly 3000 SharePoint professionals participated in the event, the largest number for any SharePoint webinar to date! And now, this record-setting webinar is available to view on–demand.

In the webinar, Ryan Duguid, Microsoft’s Senior Product Manager for SharePoint ECM and Compliance, explored the extensive records management (RM) capabilities of SharePoint 2010. He was joined by Art Bellis, VP Sales and Marketing, GimmalSoft, who reviewed the role of DoD 5015.2-compliance in an enterprise RM strategy, and Trevor Dyck, Director, Product Management, Colligo Networks, who explained the importance of managing corporate email as records.

In addition to providing some excellent information regarding SharePoint 2010’s record management capabilities and how companies like GimmalSoft and Colligo are extending these capabilities for compliance and email management, the webinar also provided an opportunity to survey registrants on their SharePoint usage.

The survey revealed some interesting SharePoint facts and trends including:

  • Using SharePoint 2010 for records management shows significant traction in large enterprises, with nearly half of all webinar participants representing organizations of over 1000 employees.
  • Records management is the primary business driver for enterprises over 1000 employees that deploy SharePoint, followed by document management and collaboration.
  • Nearly half of all participants held IT/Technical positions, suggesting that records management in SharePoint is still driven by an organization’s IT department.
  • The top industry represented in the webinar was government, followed closely by computer services and computer software.
  • Participants from 86 countries confirm the global market reach that SharePoint has achieved.

Our recent press release around the webinar and survey results provides some additional information and you can view it here. If you weren’t able to participate in the webinar live, I encourage you to view the on-demand version using this link. I’d also like to extend a huge thank-you to Ryan, Art and Trevor for all their time and effort in creating an exceptional and record-setting webinar!

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