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Daniel McPherson shares his predictions on what he thinks Office Live is going to do:

1) It is going to increase the number of “SharePoint” users dramatically
2) The ecosystem supporting and developing for SharePoint is going to grow dramatically
3) Demonstrates the incredible scalability of the SharePoint platform
4) Will improve the product. Experiences gained from running SharePoint as such a service will be fed back into the core product.

Spot on Daniel. I’d also extend that a bit further by saying that along with the increase in SharePoint users, there is going to be a greater segment of users (mobile salespeople, for example) who’ll have difficulty staying connected to the SharePoint/Office Live server.

Nick Swan goes even further and says:

Office Live is certainly a nail in the coffin of the webhost companies that have been pimping small hosted SharePoint solutions.

Perhaps, but I am under the impression that Office Live is being targeted and marketed to the micro-business segment (1-5 employee companies). Robert Scoble has more on that.

Office Live is still in beta and there seems to be some confusion on what it really *is*. I’m still trying to figure that out myself.

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