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I just received a brochure in the mail for the “Most Important Technology Event of the Year”. That, of course, is the ever humble CTIA Wireless 2006 show in Las Vegas April 5-7. Attendees, exhibitors and speakers at this show always manage to claim some of the most outrageous mobility myths and, although I’m not going this year, I will try to keep tabs on some of them and report them here. Not that it’s going to be hard as they tend to “over market and under deliver” to the already stressed mobile worker and shell shocked IT person looking for the holy grail.

I noted that on the back of the brochure was a personal message to me… undoubtedly hand penned by the organizers of the event. It said “Dear Barry, Mobile workers are undisputedly more productive than their tethered counterparts”. Pardon me? I constantly hear complaints from mobile workers that feel they are less productive than they are in the office… because most existing applications use “on-line” architectures that rely on full access over the web “anytime, anywhere”. (Of course I’m biased since I think the only way to actually increase mobile worker productivity is by making products that work reliably with or without an Internet connection).

Speaking of “anytime, anywhere”. Try googling it sometime… it’s good for a laugh. For example, I found a quote from this January from Verizon Commmunications CEO, Ivan Seidenberg. “Looking ahead,” he added, “we are developing the operating systems, applications and next-generation TV experience that will give customers access to all of their digital content on any device, any network, any time they want in a way that’s as intuitive and transparent to the customer as the telephone or the Internet is today.” Hmm, so does that mean I will be able to watch TV on my cell phone over their network in the middle of the Saudi desert (not that I’d want to, but… come on!)?

I look forward to a lot of fun hearing the claims being made by Mr. Seidenberg’s colleague, Denny Strigl, President of Verizon Wireless who will be giving a keynote at CTIA this year.

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