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With the huge amount of interest in SharePoint as a platform for records management, it was great to read Mike Alsup’s blog post on the AIIM site titled “5 Myths about SharePoint Records Management.” Mike is the Senior Vice President at Gimmal Group and as you may know, GimmalSoft is one of Colligo’s important partners in the records management space. In fact, Microsoft, GimmalSoft and Colligo teamed up recently to put on a record-setting webinar focused on SharePoint 2010 for records management, governance and compliance. If you haven’t yet seen the webinar, you can view it here.

In Mike’s blog post, he looks at 5 myths regarding SharePoint records management and then provides the facts that refute these myths. The myths that Mike indentifies and very eloquently refutes are:

  • Myth #1: It is too hard to implement “true” Records Management (RM) in SharePoint.
  • Myth #2: SharePoint doesn’t scale to the Enterprise.
  • Myth #3: SharePoint doesn’t support the RM administration paradigms that most Records Managers are familiar with.
  • Myth #4: SharePoint can’t be certified as compliant by DoD 5015.2, MoReq 2010, or VERS in the relevant regulatory jurisdictions because of core product limitations.
  • Myth #5: SharePoint RM is better with a 3rd Party Repository of Record.

Mike provides a very thorough analysis of each of the myths and offers some great insight into how SharePoint itself solves the problem or how providers of add-on tools (such as Colligo) extend SharePoint to “fill the gaps” in order to create a robust and user-friendly records management solution. Thanks to Mike for the Colligo call-out in the article and I encourage anyone interested in SharePoint for records management to read this excellent blog post.

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